Ask the Experts- April 2017

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: April 13, 2017

Dear Red Hot Mamas Experts,

Acne was not only problem as a teenager, now it’s even a bigger problem at menopause.  Help!

Can you offer some suggestions?



Dear Lorraine,

Thank you for writing to our experts.

Over 25% of women in their 40’s, and 15% of women older than fifty battle adult acne.  Adult acne can be caused by hormone fluctuations, stress and may be heredity.

Here are some suggestions to help with the problem:

  • Unclog your pores to prevent pimples and clear out blackheads.   Use a salicylic acid-based cleanser twice a day in the morning and evening.  This will help scour your pores and reduce pimples from forming.
  • Kill bacteria and reduce excess oil.  Look for products with benzoyl peroxide which can help with excess oil.
  • Increase cell turnover with a prescription product such as tretinoin.
  • Use a non-oily makeup, sunscreen or moisturizer.
  • Always remove makeup before going to bed.
  • Keep your hair off your face and avoid resting your hands on your face.
  • Don’t manhandle those pimples.  Talk to your dermatologist about effective ways in handling pimples.

Thank you for writing to us.

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