Ask the Experts- March 2018

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: March 7, 2018

Dear Red Hot Mamas:

My boyfriend doesn’t like using a condom and he certainly doesn’t want kids. What can I do to convince him to use a condom?


Dear Cynthia,

Make it clear to him that there are valid reasons regarding your health and well being that he should use a condom. State your concerns and the reasons you want to use condoms. Some women opt to say “No glove, no love”.

Condoms work by preventing sperm from entering the vagina and reaching an egg and preventing pregnancy. They also help prevent STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

A new condom should be used from beginning to end with each intercourse.   There are many brands and fits. Condoms come in many sizes, shapes and degrees of thinness. You and your boyfriend may have fun trying out some different kinds until you both fine one that allows you to enjoy sex and keep you both healthy. And, certainly, plan ahead and have condoms with you if you think you might want to have sex with your boyfriend. Don’t rely on him to have condoms.

We wish you good luck in talking to your boyfriend about the importance of safer sex, as well as a satisfying sex life.

Red Hot Mamas Experts