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Tuesday, 27 March 2007 08:02

Red Hot Mamas Heat Up Good Samaritan

The Catholic Review, March 15, 2007

By Meghan Walton

The 100 ‘Red Hot Mamas’ who gather at Good Samar­itan Hospital, Baltimore, one Wednesday each month know exactly what it’s like to feel the heat.

That’s why the women find it helpful to come together for the monthly seminar that focuses on issues before, dur­ing and after menopause.

The menopause seminars have become such a hot topic that additional sessions have been added to accommodate the women on the waiting list.

“I think there are a lot more women who will be going through menopause, and if  we don’t talk about it now we will have monsters on our hands,” joked Karen Kan­sler, a registered nurse in the community outreach center, which developed the semi­nars. “We want answers now, and this is something our mothers didn’t talk about.”

Participant Oretha Wat­kins was interested in learn­ing about the changes that are happening to her body.

“When I heard about Red Hot Mamas I called right away,” she said.

Each seminar touches on a different symptom or issue when dealing with menopause, such as sleeping problems, hot flashes, proper nutrition and exercise, and more. Each ses­sion   has a keynote speaker, typically a doctor from the hospital, to talk to women about what they can do to get themselves back on track and living a more comfortable life. “We are talking about the aging woman and what she should expect. Most wom­en don’t even talk about this,” said Dr. Dee-Dee Shiller, doc­tor of osteopathy and gynecol­ogy. “Some women just want to hear that others are going through it as well.”

Ms. Watkins agreed with Dr. Shiller, saying the sem­inars  are informative and  show she isn’t alone.

“It gives me the push I need to make my life whole again,” said Ms. Watkins.  “It’s important to learn about this at an early age.

Dr. Shiller spoke about hor­mone replacement therapy and the importance of seeing one’s doctor to ask questions and seek treatments.

"I hope they walk away with  reassurance and a feeling of community,” said Dr. Shiller. “I hope they go home and think about what was said and get help if they need it.”

Ms. Kansler said along with the seminar, Good Samari­tan offers doctor referrals, massage appointments, gym facilities and exercise class­es to help women handle their menopause symptoms.

To register for Red Hot Mamas call 410-532-4100 or visit www.goodsam-md.org/rhm.

Courtesy Good Samaritan Hospital
Karen Kansler, R.N., community outreach nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital, Baltimore, wel­comes a guest with a red feather boa to the Red Hot Mamas menopause education series.

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