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Written by Karen Giblin, Founder and President Red Hot Mamas   
Monday, 09 October 2006 08:57
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0.1. Transform Your Menopause
0.2. Red Hot Tips for Looking Good at Menopause
0.3. Feeling Good From the Inside

It is easy to concentrate strictly on health concerns as we age. Am I taking enough calcium? Am I eating right? Sleeping right? How’s my cardiovascular health? What about my cholesterol levels? These questions are great and very healthy ways of thinking. You should be applauded for being concerned with your biological well-being. Although I don't hear a lot of these topics being discussed on Desperate Housewives, the characters all have great wardrobes and are aging so gracefully! Do you think Susan's on hormone therapy?

As the media projects its selective images of visually appealing women, it can leave the menopausal woman confounded, annoyed and sometimes jaded. Our standards of self-beauty can be greatly swayed by constant reminders of our society's definition of attractiveness.

We're slammed by advertisements from the multi-billion dollar industry of anti-aging products. Our self-image can be mortified by the media further humiliating our self-esteem. The way we view our bodies when looking through society's painted image of beauty can be disparaging. It is easy to crawl into a nut shell of hopelessness and think there's nothing you can do.

Sexual intimacy and desirability can be tough to think about when you don't like the way you look. It's so easy to surrender to our society's representation of the aging woman.

"A plastic surgery face lift can reverse these obvious signs of aging and give you back decades", says the Plastic Surgery Network. If plastic surgery is going to help you get the body and looks you want, explore your options. Also realize there are alternatives to looking and feeling good.

0.1. Transform Your Menopause

A new haircut, a facial, a massage, some new makeup and clothes can help. If the aforementioned suggestions don't perk you up, maybe the process of attaining them does (the shopping, the pampering)!

Rejuvenate your body and your look! If your hair is changing in texture (due to grayness or thinning), ask your stylist to give you a new shape or color. Be adventurous and try cutting bangs if that's what they suggest. Take a chance. You never know, the new bangs could accentuate your gorgeous eyes!

If your friends say you have beautiful hair, try growing it long. Don’t believe everyone when they say, "you are too old for long hair." The idea that women should cut their hair after the age of 40 is a common misnomer. If you're feeling dull, ask a hair consultant for some advice. They can assist you in reviving and lightening your look while maintaining a rich, shiny mane. Buy some new clothes to go with the new do.

As your body is changing through the menopause transition, your clothes may need to also. Wear whatever looks good for your body type and don't worry about your age. Forget about the idea that you are old or middle aged. Evolve your style. You may have looked smashing in a certain outfit that will not work for you now. Your body has changed and the world has changed with it.

Have the body and the attitude to take fashion risks such as wearing a short skirt or a low-cut dress (it may be perfect for you), or try the new Bohemian look. Stay up to date with fashions by reviewing websites, magazines, etc. Talk to your friends or a family member about what they think looks good on you. Seek advice from them and use your resources.

"Don't think because you are a woman of a certain age, you must choose to follow some outdated set of long obsolete fashion regulations, set down at the same time mature women were told they should only wear short hairstyles, and they should not present themselves in public in swimsuits!" says Jeannine Schenewerk the owner of an inspirational website for mature women*. On her website, Jeannine points out some common fashion flaws of the older (or as she prefers to say mature woman.

Keep in mind if you wear frumpy clothing, you'll probably feel frumpy. If the flower-patterned jumper you've treasured for the past 20 years is still sitting in your closet blending in with the wallpaper, it's time to get rid of it. Wear clothing that is upbeat, fun and lively.

Chances are if you wear darker, drab clothing, your personality is perceived by others as dark and drab. Try to brighten up your style by choosing colors and textures that stand out and look good.

0.2. Red Hot Tips for Looking Good at Menopause

  • Start by radiating a good attitude about aging. Think positively. Add humor to your life. Be unpredictable and spontaneous.
  • Look inside yourself and find a deep inner respect about your self-image.
  • If you think losing ten pounds will help your self-esteem, then lose ten pounds! If you think plastic surgery will help, go for it!
  • Revitalize your look from head to toe. A new haircut, a brighter color, some new nail polish and a facial can do wonders.
  • Refresh your wardrobe and toss the frump.
  • Avoid the wallpaper look. Choose clothes with solid colors and stay away from wallpaper patterns like small flowers. If you want a pattern-style, good ones are argyles, stripes and hounds tooth checks.
  • Toss anything in your closet that has large gold buttons attached to it. It screams old.
  • Avoid baggy, shapeless clothing. Choose classic shapes that are timeless like a jean jacket or a pea coat. A neat, tailored look is usually the most flattering...
  • Don't overdo the glamour. Try wearing one nice pair of earrings instead of earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces and hair accessories all at once.
  • Don't wear bright red lipstick, nail polish, blush, eye shadow and too much color all together. Try choosing one or two at a time.

0.3. Feeling Good From the Inside

Feeling good about yourself from the inside will help how you look on the outside. Your self-image will improve if you look in the mirror and see someone who looks good and feels good. Growing older gracefully and transitioning through menopause is also much easier if you follow these simple rules:

  • Don't smoke
  • Avoid sun
  • Moisturize
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine
  • Drink 8 glasses of water each day
  • Get plenty of exercise

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