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Written by Editors, The Menopause Minute   
Tuesday, 14 February 2012 00:00

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Dr Verna McKenzie

Our experts Dr. Mache Seibel, Karen Giblin, Dr. Michael Goodman, Dr. Mary Jane Minkin and Dr. Verna Brooks McKenzie field questions from our members. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it your question.

Dear Red Hot Mamas Experts,

What can be done to alleviate night sweats? I get very little sleep due to the frequency and length and intensity of the night sweats. I take Remifemin daily and then one for night. The daytime hot flashes have diminished to a level that I can tolerate. Knowing that they won't last too long, I can usually ride them out but the night sweats are killing me! Any suggestions?

Thank you,


Dear C,

I think your decision to try Remifemin is an excellent one. Another over the counter product that might well prove helpful would be "ICool"-it is a relative of the isoflavones from soy. Now isoflavones do carry some controversy in the breast cancer community-so I always ask my patients with a history of breast cancer to check in with their oncologist. Some oncologists feel that the isoflavones could act like an estrogen; however, many experts believe that the soy acts like Tamoxifen, and blocks the action of estrogen at the breast.

As far as potential medications that could help: SSRI and SNRI antidepressants, in very low doses, can be quite helpful with night sweats and hot flashes. Even a drug like Effexor, whose lowest dose is 37.5 mg, can be effective at that low a dose. Another potential would be a low dose of gabapentin (neurontin)-it can be very helpful with these symptoms.

So there are many possibilities. Do speak with your gynecologist; and if your gynecologist doesn't feel comfortable with menopausal issues, you can always find a menopause expert near you at the North American Menopause Society website, www.menopause.org.

Good Health to You!

Red Hot Mamas Experts

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