Ask the Experts- July 2017

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: July 11, 2017

Dear Red Hot Mamas,

I’ve been an avid follower of yours for years and I wanted to submit my question to you.  Can you give me some advice as how to cut costs on the medicines I take?  I know I need these medications, but they are getting quite expensive.

Thank you.


Dear Serena,

Thank you for writing to us.  Here are some tips that you might employ to lower costs of the medicines you are taking:

  • Tell your clinician if you are worried about the costs of the medication he/she has prescribed as there might be a less expensive alternative.
  • Ask your clinician for samples of the medicine he/she has prescribed.
  • If you are a senior citizen, there might be a discount out there for you.
  • Shop prices from different pharmacies.  Prices vary at different stores.
  • Explore mail order options.  Just remember that when ordering through mail order, it may take a few weeks before you receive your medicine.  So, you may want to buy your medication in larger amount.  Sometimes buying in bulk will cost less money in the long run.

Hope this information is of help to you.

Red Hot Mamas Experts