Dear Red Hot Mamas,

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: December 6, 2013

Well, the Thanksgiving holiday is over, and I personally, feel guilty about overindulging on pumpkin pie. Yes, it was so hard for me to just say “no” to that second piece as well. So, I know that I will have to plan ahead for the month of December if I want to have a healthy holiday season.

The weather outside has certainly begun to cool down. And, the fun festivities of the holidays are just around the corner. But, sometimes all those additional things that we have to do during the holiday season cause us to feel drained, overwhelmed and stressed.

It is very important to stay on top of your health, especially during the holidays. Make sure you get rest; try to eat healthy and make an effort to take time for yourself. Plan some “me time” in your daily calendar. I’m a strong advocate of opening up about feelings. There’s nothing wrong in talking to your loved one, a friend, or even a medical professional that can help you cope with the stress of the holidays.

Here are some suggestions for staying healthy during the holidays:

Eat well. Don’t overindulge in all that extra foods and goodies served at holiday parties. Try to limit your sugar, fat and alcohol and eat lean protein, fruits and plenty of veggies.

Get moving and be active. Make sure you fit some type of physical activity into your daily routine.

Get enough sleep. Adequate sleep improves your emotional wellness and your health.

Try to organize your time and rank things according to priority. And, try not to overextend yourself.

Construct a budget for holiday gifts and look for creative gift ideas for family and friends. Offer some things like cooking, or cleaning, which is always a welcomed gift. Shop online.

I like to give gifts that support health. Perhaps a friend might like an exercise DVD, a healthy cookbook, or a subscription to a health magazine.

Just remember, keep it simple. The holidays should not cause burnout!

In closing, I want to wish you a happy holiday season and thank you for your continued support of the Red Hot Mamas organization. All of us at Red Hot Mamas wish you good health, happiness and joy throughout this special time of year.

Good Health To You All,

Karen Giblin