By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: October 13, 2016

Autumn is the second spring when every leaf is a flower”
– Albert Camus

Dear Red Hot Mamas,

As Hurricane Matthews hammered Florida, the winds and heavy rains enveloped Orlando, Florida where the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) held its 27th annual meeting which I attended.  The aspect of arriving and enjoying sunny Florida, dissipated from our minds with the arrival of hurricane Matthew. Hundreds of people poured into the Gaylord Hotel in Orlando where our meeting was held. These people were not NAMS members.  They were, however, seeking refuge as many of their homes were without power or were under water. It was quite upsetting to experience such emotion as they communed with nature and unwillingly greeted this hurricane.  I continue to pray for all of them, and for those who were hardest hit, who lost their lives and lost everything due to this devastating hurricane.

It was well over a thousand members of NAMS in attendance at this meeting. There were a vast array of health care professionals, researchers, and educators.  We were all excited to learn information about the latest scientific findings in women’s health.

Well, our NAMS members seemingly rode out the hurricane in stride.  There was anxiety amongst our faces, but we persevered in our meeting room as the hurricane hit Orlando. We watched the sky darken, the palm trees sway, and the heavy rain envelope our hotel.  This was a very bonding experience for us all. We listened intently to NAMS’s engaging speakers who provided us with very valuable information which we hope to pass along to you.

Personally, I am grateful for the staff of NAMS and all of the organizers of this event.   They provided us assurance of their preparedness to deal with hurricane Matthew.  I thank them for the attention they gave us while we were away from our homes.  If your clinician attended this meeting, I’m certain he/she will tell you it was a very emotional experience and how lucky we all were to be with the folks from NAMS.

Several of our own Red Hot Mamas medical experts attended this meeting.  In the upcoming months, they will share their perceptions and wisdom about the topics presented.

Listed below are just a few of the session topics:

  • The keynote address was done by David Buss, PhD entitled “The Evolution of Desire :Strategies of Human Mating
  • The Natural History of Menopause Symptoms
  • NAMS 2016 Hormone Therapy and the 2015 Nonhormonal Management of Menopause Associated Vasomotor Symptoms position statements
  • Vaginal and vulvar health in midlife women
  • Changes in sexual function among midlife women
  • Menopause and the brain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sleep
  • The history and basic science development of soy isoflavones
In closing, sometimes an experience changes us forever.  Certainly, experiencing hurricane Matthew with the mayhem of uncertainty as to what would happen next, and the everlasting kindness and comfort which poured in from the NAMS organizers and members will continue to fill my heart with gratitude to be part of their community.  I value my layer of connection with them and to all those Red Hot Mamas to which they care so much about.

Karen Giblin