FDA holding Historic, First-Ever Public Meeting October 27th-28th on Female Sexual Dysfunction

Published: October 14, 2014

The FDA is holding a FIRST-EVER public meeting on Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) October 27-28

Information available on the FDA website at http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/NewsEvents/ucm401167.htm.

As you have seen from some of our other articles, it is VERY important that the FDA understands how having a sexual dysfunction impacts a woman, so we are STRONGLY encouraging YOUR attendance online or in person.
We need to send a message to the FDA that women care about their sexual health, and care about getting treated for sexual dysfunction.
We are also urging you to share this information with YOUR friends, colleagues, patients, family, co-workers – women and men who believe that women have the right to sexual health, especially the right to choose to be treated for sexual dysfunction. 
In addition, for women (and men) who believe that women deserve better care, better treatment, better options etc for their sexual health, please go to http://womendeserve.org/.
From this page:
  • You can sign a letter that will be sent to the FDA through change.org (more than 15,000 respondents to date).
  • You can also click through to the #women deserve Facebook page to like the page and to share a photo of someone you care about holding a sign “#women deserve” and whatever you feel women deserve.
Like many of you, I have devoted my life to helping women.
Please if you can, take a few minutes of your time to register, sign a letter, snap a photo, and pass it on.
Stand up and be counted in support of women’s CHOICE  for treatment options everywhere.