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The Bioidentical Controversy — Cure or Curse

There’s a lot of confusion about estrogen. Take it? Stop it? How much? How long? What kind? What about bioidenticals? They’re safe, right? According to Suzanne Sommers, bioidenticals are better and safer. Maybe. Read on. Bioidentical is not a medical ...

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Nutrition and Osteoporosis: Getting Down to the Basics

The following article is brought to you by our February sponsor, Reclast. Certain people are more likely to develop osteoporosis than others. Factors that increase the likelihood of developing osteoporosis and broken bones are called “risk factors.”1 To evaluate your ...

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Valentine's Day – Not Solely for Lovers

As cupid flies around with his bow and arrow this Valentine’s Day, remember it is not only a holiday restricted to lovers. Try to remember all the other special relationships you have in your life. Call your parents, or siblings, ...

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