Health Organizations and Hospitals Join and Partner with Red Hot Mamas

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: November 2, 2014

Why Health Organizations Partner with Red Hot Mamas®

There are many reasons why Red Hot Mamas® programs have been installed in over 200 hospitals and physician group practices.

It’s simply because their programs work by engaging women and their loved ones.
Also it helps build alliances and greater trust with their health care providers; and it increases patient referrals to clinicians who are actively involved in the program!

Red Hot Mamas® in-depth programs content covers a wide spectrum of total women’s health and wellness topics.

Health organizations love its turnkey aspect, effectiveness, ease of use, and of course, women’s reactions to the programs.  Each Red Hot Mamas® program is customized to each individual healthcare facility’s needs.

The value to health organizations also includes:

  • Red Hot Mamas® has done all the homework for you and each customized program includes a program manual, marketing plan, meeting topics, learning objectives, PowerPoint slide kits, press releases, attendee handouts, meeting evaluations and other materials.
  • Red Hot Mamas also provides complimentary, on-going consulting services to ensure the success of each of their programs.
  • The program helps improve the health of women during and after the menopause transition and attracts women and their loved ones between the ages of 38-70 years of age.
  • By offering a Red Hot Mamas Menopause Education Program it differentiates you from the competition in various ways:
  • Engages clinicians with their target patients, driving referrals.
  • Maximizes cross-selling opportunities.
  • Showcases and increases usage of the healthcare facilities ancillary programs and services.
  • Drives community support and involvement.
  • Escalates opportunities for local and national media exposure.
  • Enhances opportunities for data collection and research.
  • The program is completely turnkey and can be tailored to each sponsoring healthcare organization’s specific needs.

For more information please send an e-mail to and include your name, company, state, zip code and we will be happy to speak further with you.

Interested Organizations


“As we approach year two for many of our facilities, I want to say how much we are enjoying working with Prime Plus. Red Hot Mamas has been the single most successful community outreach program we have ever launched.”

Martha Crombie, Director of Marketing Communications Triad Hospitals, Inc., Plano, TX

“Attendance has been steadily growing. We had 152 women in attendance at our meeting last week – over 50 1st timers for this meeting though…a record. Red Hot Mamas has been a terrific outreach to women in our area. The physicians on our medical staff have had an opportunity to share their knowledge in a personal way with the community. We are meeting our goals of educating our attendees, showcasing our hospital services and building our physicians practices in a setting that is warm, caring and fun!”

Jill K. Buie, Community Relations Manager Orange Park Medical Center, Orange Park, FL

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our first year and are eagerly looking forward to planning our next year’s programs. We have had so much success this past year. We ran a monthly program in 11 out of 12 months with an average attendance of 120. We have had such outstanding cooperation with our medical staff. The physicians have eagerly volunteered their services and have had good collaboration with area businesses as well. The evaluations turned in after each program have been magnificent!”

Mary Kay Verhoff, Women’s Wellness Center St. Rita’s Medical Center, Lima, OH

“The Red Hot Mamas program has been a huge success at Northwest Medical Center in Tucson, AZ! Not only are we informing the female public about important menopause issues, we are also successfully promoting our medical staff to the community. Our programs have turned into a fun “Girl’s Night Out” for many of our attendees where they enjoy free food, great company and informative programs. We usually have anywhere from 40-100 attendees at any given program. No doubt about it, this RHM program is HOT in Tucson!”

Jamie Jueschke, Marketing Coordinator Northwest Medical Center, Tucson, AZ

“Our kick-off lecture, Pause and Effect, for the Red Hot Mamas was a huge success. We presented both in Napa and St. Helena and had 70 women (and 2 men) in Napa and 50 in St. Helena. These are outstanding numbers for us! One of our Nurse Practitioners/Certified Menopause Clinician, was the speaker. We had chips and salsa, salsa music, chili pepper lights, etc. – we had fun theming the lecture. There were many favorable comments about the name of the campaign and the information that was provided. We are very excited and already have a number of registrations for February!!”

Linda Schulz, Director The Women’s Center of St. Helena Hospital, St. Helena, CA

“The Red Hot Mamas program has been a huge success for the hospital and the community we serve! We are eager to meet the educational needs of women as it relates to menopause management and recognize the value of services provided by your organization.”

William L. Willis, CEO Women’s and Children’s Hospital Lake Charles

“I just wanted to let you know that I attended the first program for Red Hot Mamas held at St. Rita’s Medical Center in Lima, Ohio last night. The speaker was Dr. Karri Krendl, and she was wonderful. She presented the facts with humor. They were hoping for 75 women to attend and over 250 showed up. It is so good to know that (a) I’m not alone and (b) I’m not crazy! Thank you so much for this program and I plan to attend every one.”

Helen Fink Lima, Ohio

“We’re looking forward to even more fun with Red Hot Mamas this year!!! As a Red Hot Mama myself, there are SO many positive things I can say. This has been one of the most successful programs that I’ve ever worked with and I love the interaction I have with all of the women.”

Mary Arnold, RN, MS Carilion New River Valley Medical Center, Christiansburg, VA

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