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By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: June 21, 2016


  We love these Tee-Skirts!


Lovely, Unique Skirts

Lovely, Unique Skirts

So many lovely hand made soft skirts, all original – no two are the same!

Find a skirt you love at: http://customteeskirts.com



Red Hot Mamas Magnificent Bejeweled Statement Pin


I make each piece by hand and no two are exactly alike.  The Red Hot Mamas pin has a real seashell for her hat.  Each piece of her jewelry is vintage rhinestone pieces. The face is resin.  The back of the pin has a bale so it can be a necklace and also a clasp to make it a brooch/pin to wear on your jackets, hats, purses, etc.  Each piece will be almost, but not quiet, identical as I use one of a kind pieces of vintage jewelry on them.  They get lots of attention when you wear them.  They sparkle wonderfully as you walk outside or under inside lighting.

I have been creating the seashell pins for over 20 years.  If you would like to order one for yourself or some for gifts, I will be glad to make as many as you need.

My name is Lois Mathis and my email address is  loismathis@bellsouth.net   or your phone orders are welcome.  I do accept visa and mastercard for your convenience.$25.00 and 6.00 shipping.  If you have questions I can be reached at 662-287-9480  or www.victoriantreasuresbylois.com  rachel seal of approval



Eat to Defeat Menopause combines easy-to-understand health information to combat the symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause
with delicious and healthy recipes from both the authors (Dr. M. Siebel and Karen Giblin), and some of America’s top chefs.

With practical advice and a healthy dose of humor, Eat to Defeat Menopause offers dietary strategies to improve sleep, reduce hot flashes, and other menopausal symptoms. It lists key foods for health and wellness during menopause; information on soy foods–the perfect food for menopause; dietary guidelines and healthy weight tips and more.

Order Now at Amazon.com for less than $16.00

t shirt pic 2




Can I get any hotter? Redesigned, Refreshed and Red Hot.

Flaunt your stuff with the official Red Hot Mamas t-shirt.

Choose from Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2XL

Price: $19.95 each + S&H (Size 2XL- $21.95 each + S&H)

To order email:  cniles@redhotmamas.org

Red Hot Mama’s Program Directors please contact cniles@redhotmamas.org for larger quantity/bulk pricing

redhotmamacd-smRED HOT MAMAS CD by Healthrock®

Red Hot Mama is filled with sassy and sexy original songs about life, laughter and love. The songs were written for women and the people they love. If you like sizzling show tunes, cabaret and jazz sung by fabulous female vocalists and performed by top musicians, this album is for you.

Learn about some of the most important health issues facing women through fun, easy to understand songs that take away the embarrassment and leave you knowing what to do. Performed by Dr. Seibel and two of New England’s top female vocalists. Music performed by Dr. Seibel and his trio, led by Ben Schwendener.

To Purchase Please Visit www.DrMache.comrachel seal of approval

mulberry west

MULBERRY WEST Silk-Filled Cotton Luxury Bedding

Mulberry West is a line of luxurious silk-filled comforters and satin-trimmed blankets with some hidden qualities beyond their chic simplicity, making it a great fit for Red Hot Mamas.

Besides being naturally hypoallergenic, a big selling factor for Mulberry West is Mulberry silk’s unique ability to adjust to body temperature, perfect for warm nights.  There are a lot of heavier choices, but few “lightweight” luxorious comforter and blankets- this is a big selling feature with women!  Read a testimony below from a satisfied customer:

“Received item sooner than promised arrival date.  Well packaged.  This silk filled comforter is perfect.  It is the “Goldilocks” of bedding.  not too warm, not too hot but just right.  Rather easy to handle. No airing out was needed since the comforter arrived odor free. Definitely worth the money.”

Mulberry West is packaged in beautiful 100% recyclable non-woven carrying cases.  And, Mulberry West products have certification for no lead, formaldehyde, ammonia, bleach or PVC.

Did you know that mulberry silk naturally repels allergens, dust and insects…including bedbugs-another advantage of silk compared to down or polyester.

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Frosty Towel Cucumber Image 2 shutterstock_140040988


About the Polar Fresh Frosty Towel

Frosty Towel™ is an all natural cooling product that uses a 100% premium cotton towel or all natural non-woven material formulated with pure plant essentials oils and extracts to cool you down, refresh you, and invigorate you in moments.  It keeps on working for you for hours to beat the heat and humidity.

The Frosty Towel™ uses natural alcohols and menthols to cool you down. Alcohol is also known and respected for having anti-bacterial benefits.

Our main Frosty Towel™ formula was also designed with Citronella and Lemon Grass. Both of these pure essential plant oils are recognized around the world as natural insect repellants for insects like mosquitoes.

The Polar Fresh Frosty Towel™ also has natural Glycerin and other essential oils in it to help soften the skin.  Each Frosty Towel™ is individually wrapped for your safety and ease of use.

We are confident that you will enjoy the fresh invigorating scent and cooling effects of the Polar Fresh Frosty Towel™.

To Order Please Visit FROSTY TOWELrachel seal of approval



haraleeHARALEE® COOL GARMENTS FOR HOT WOMEN| Haralee.com Sleepwear

Cool Garments for Hot Women | Haralee.com Sleepwear

Struggling with menopause symptoms or a high internal thermostat? Find sweet relief from hot flashes, cold sweats, and sleepless nights with Cool Garments for Hot Women from Haralee.Com Sleepwear.

How Does It Work?

Moisture wicking sleepwear draws perspiration away from the skin where it quickly evaporates, so you will stay dry and comfortable all night long.

Our garments are made with Chito Santé fabric, an environmentally-friendly treatment that makes the fibers anti-bacterial, breathable, odor resistant, fast drying, static-free and very soft.

To order please visit Haralee.com 

For RHM readers, use promo code Red Hot Mamas to get 10% off your purchase.



Pillowcases in  moisture-wicking fabric. Ideal to help with Night Sweats.

To order please visit Haralee.com

For RHM readers, use promo code Red Hot Mamas to get 10% off your purchase.rachel seal of approval



SOUL SOURCE- Vaginal dilators, providing solutions for vaginal health

Soul Source silicone dilators were created by a sex therapist and gynecologist to help women undergoing progressive vaginal dilation therapy. This is a process that involves the careful, comfortable and slow insertion of vaginal dilators into the vagina.

Most women will begin with the largest size silicone dilator that feels comfortable and gradually increase its size over time. This allows women to gain more confidence and helps to avoid painful intercourse.

Silicone vaginal dilators are used to address these conditions:

  • Vaginismus
  • Painful sex (dyspareunia)
  • Menopause (vulva vaginal atrophy, or VVA)
  • Cancer treatments (including chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
  • Post-surgical vaginal swelling

These vaginal dilators are made of silicone rubber which makes them resilient, able to retain body heat and easy to care for. They feel comfortable, with a texture that resembles body tissue, being stable from -50 degrees to +340 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our quality dilators may be chilled, used at room temperature or warmed. They are available in 8 sizes and can be purchased individually, or in pre-packaged sets.

We recommend that women consult with a qualified health professional specializing in pelvic floor disorders for the most effective physical therapeutic benefit.

The information in this website is about a technical device, vaginal dilators. This information should not be used during any medical emergency, or for the diagnosis of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

Stated dimensions for each size are length and diameter. For circumferences, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Reflecting Dr. Barb DePree’s decades of experiences providing health care for women, this collection of blog posts covers the entire MiddlesexMD recipe for sexual health, including tips for overcoming health challenges.
168-page paperback
Manufacturer: MiddlesexMD


Anyone looking for an understanding of how our sexuality changes over time—and, most importantly, what we can do to manage the changes to stay as sexually active as we choose.


MIDDLESEXMDrachel seal of approval


cooljamlifestyle_rkylaheiko_4020COOL-JAMS™ PERFORMANCE SLEEP PRODUCTS


Who says your pajamas can’t be both functional and stylish? With Cool-jams™ moisture-wicking pajamas, both men and women can enjoy pajamas that will help them stay cool at night and won’t force them to sacrifice their personal style, either.

If you frequently sweat during the night, the most straightforward solution to your sleeping woes is a pair of stylish and comfortable moisture-wicking Cool-jams™ pajamas. These top-rated pajamas come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit any man or women, and because they are made with our patented temperature-regulating fabric, they will absorb moisture and eliminate the bacteria that cause body odor.

Cool-jams™ pajamas come in soft, soothing colors and feel just like lightweight cotton. Browse our entire selection and you’ll find options with long pants, loose shorts, tank tops and T-shirts, as well as button-down shirts for a more traditional look. Purchase a matching set, or opt for separates to create a pair of custom pajamas just for your sleeping style. The Cool-jams™ sleepwear selection even includes bathrobes to throw on over your pajamas in the morning.

Experience the beauty and comfort of Cool-jams™ moisture-wicking pajamas today to boost your chances of getting restful sleep every night. Order from Cool-jams™ today, and you can get great quality and competitive pricing on any moisture-wicking sleepwear.

To order visit COOL-JAMS and Use Promo Code RHM for 10% off sleepwear


Both our Cool-jams™ rayon from bamboo bedding and Outlast bedding by Cool-jams™ are temperature-regulating and very effective for helping with night sweats and nighttime temperature control. Rayon from bamboo bedding uses the natural cooling, wicking and antimicrobial properties of bamboo to make these products so effective. Our bamboo products are cooler to the touch than cotton, wick heat and moisture faster than cotton and are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial. Not only are they super effective for night sweats, but they are the softest sheets, blankets and pillow cases that we’ve ever felt anywhere. We currently offer rayon from bamboo sheets, rayon from bamboo blankets and rayon from bamboo pillowcases.

Our Cool-jams™ temperature-regulating bedding uses special Outlast technology that helps to regulate the body temperature through proactive heat and moisture management. Our Cool-jams™ bedding products balance the temperature under the covers by absorbing heat when it gets too warm and releasing it back when you cool down. By doing so, it keeps the temperature and humidity within your bed in the optimum range for restful sleep. The bedding is not a wicking product like bamboo bedding but a heat management technology. Our Outlast technology is incorporated into a vast array of Cool-jams™ products, including cooling mattress pads, cooling sheets, cool pillows and cooling blankets – all designed to help you get a more restful night’s sleep!

To Order visit COOL-JAMSrachel seal of approval



HIS & HERS Menopausal Survival Guides By Michael P. Goodman, M.D.

The Midlife Bible: A Womans Survival Guide

In The Washington Post, Stephanie Weiss wrote:  “Of [all the books I reviewed],

The Midlife Bible is the cheapest, shortest and the best.  I give it an A.”

The Midlife Bible helps women not only survive but thrive throughout their peri-menopausal and menopausal years.  As benefits, they will:

  • Have more energy
  • Improve their memory
  • Sleep better
  • Enjoy sex again
  • Look and feel better
  • Eliminate hot flashes

After 35 years listening to women, Dr. Goodman covers every topic relevant to a woman’s concerns: PMS, bleeding problems, bone density, pelvic support issues, fatigue syndromes, irritable bowel, insomnia, psychological “blahs”, and the dilemma of childlessness at midlife.  It includes honest information about breast cancer and an open discussion about sexuality.  Dr. Goodman explains and offers relief from the “peri-menopausal crazies” and, most importantly, simplifies the hormone replacement therapy decision with a full discussion of prescription hormones, bioidenticals and compounded preparations, and non-hormonal alternatives. The Midlife Bible is an invaluable, accessible little gem—truly a complete “survival guide”

 MEN-opause: The Book for MEN

If menopause is a problem for a mans sweetie, it is a problem for him!

FINALLY!  A first!  A book on menopause for men!  Author Dr. Goodman shows men how to support and survive their partner’s menopause, improve sexual intimacy, and end up with a stronger relationship.  Dr. Mike has been listening to women for 35 years, and now in his companion book to The Midlife Bible, here in MEN-opause:  The Book for MEN, he:

  1. Outlines the issues
  2. Explains the physiology
  3. Acknowledges the crazies
  4. Identifies many things woman can do to help themselves
  5. Shows the men how they can help and
  6. Advises when it is best for the men to get out of the way!

And in a BONUS CHAPTER:  “ANDROPAUSE:  The MALE CHANGE OF LIFE”: he explains how decline in Testosterone can rob men of their energy and sexuality… how to get their testosterone and erections “up” to a more sustainable level.

Life does not stop at 50!!  MEN-opause:  The Book for MEN will help guide couples through these temporarily troubled waters towards upcoming decades of health and enjoyment.


Michael Goodman (Good Man!), an amalgam of Marcus Welby, Monk, and the Horse Whisperer… understands the complex interaction of midlife symptoms.  Goodmans analysis is clear, his treatment suggestions exacting.  Each chapter ends with a case study about a real woman going through menopause.  I learned more from this books two pages on menstrual migraine than I have in discussions with half a dozen doctors over the years.  There is straightforward information… Of [all the books I reviewed], The Midlife Bible is the cheapest, shortest and the best.  I give it an A.

Stephanie Weiss, The Washington Post

Dr. Goodmans honest, comprehensive look at the healthcare options available will save you time, energy, and money.  All that, and its actually an enjoyable read!  He writes with a baby-boomers sensibility that is honest, funny, and informative.  You will wish he was your doctor and want to hang out with him at the same time!                                          

Nancy Alspaugh and Marilyn Kentz

Authors of Fearless Women and Not your Mothers Midlife: A Ten-step Guide to Fearless Aging 

Ladies, share this book with your husband, your friends, and especially your doctor!  Dr. Michael Goodman has done a wonderful job in transforming hormone havoc…

  Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D.

Author of Before the Change and The Fat Flush Plan

 Dr. Goodman does an excellent job of combining Western and complementary medical approaches in order to help guide women through this sometimes difficult time of life.  Avoiding any medical agenda, he explains what is known, and not known, and offers a healthy dose of good sense.  This book is well written, easy to understand, and will be an excellent resource for women approaching, or in the midst of, midlife.                                     

William H. Parker, M.D.

Author of The Incontinence Solution and A Gynecologists Second Opinion


THE AUTHOR:  Michael P. Goodman, M.D., is a Certified Menopausal Practitioner and sex therapist, a medical communicator who practices patient-oriented health care and specializes in listening to women and couples.  His compatible books, The Midlife Bible: A Womans Survival Guide and MEN-opause:  The Book for MEN are the culmination of his 35 years of experience in the practice of obstetrics, gynecology, and peri-menopausal medicine, incorporating his knowledge of both “Western Medicine” and alternative approaches. Dr. Goodman practices in Davis, CA and he can be reached through his website: www.drmichaelgoodman.com.

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menopause guidebookMENOPAUSE GUIDEBOOK: To help midlife women make informed healthcare decisions

Affordable in all practices, this resource is the most complete discussion available anywhere (published 09/15 by The North American Menopause Society).

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handfan 1handfan 2handfan 3handfan 4


Handmade watercolor painted Spanish fans !!!

I am a painter, an artist that loves to work with oil paints on canvas, and other techniques.  I am an animal lover and human rights too!!!

When we moved to Savannah during summer time, it was really hot.  Then I decided to buy a hand fan, it was not easy to find a nice one.  So it came to my mind the idea to paint it.

Then I imported Spanish cotton and wood hand fans to be painted, using watercolors.  This was so great, I love them so much that I wanted to share my work this way.

It was a wonderful idea for me to create something that besides being a useful accessory can complete our outfit, in and artistic and classy way.

All of my pieces are made with high quality wood and cotton fabric, and painted by me with watercolors.  they have my signature too.

This has allowed me to express myself and make a living off of doing what I love the most.

I hope you enjoy my work.  I put a lot of time and love into every piece I make.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and I hope that you enjoy my fans!

To Order Please Visit MonBriserachel seal of approval


Look and feel your best with our easy-to-follow Inner and Outer Nutrition Program.

Maximize your health and fitness goals with products that address your specific health goals. Treat your body to a healthy balanced meal to help support weight management. Enhance the appearance of your skin with our optimum blend of Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E, Aloe Vera and other botanical ingredients.

Key features

. Parable-free

. Sulfate-free

. Dermatologist tested

Products are available at:


Download (PDF, 629KB)

Download (PDF, 978KB)

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We at Red Hot Mamas love Signs O Fire!

Pyrography portraits of and inspired by nature, custom work of all kinds! All wood is saved from the landfill turned into works of art!

Signs O’ Fire has grown and become a dream come true in the three years on Etsy. Starting out selling recycled sculpture with the shop name Re Done was great fun, it grew and grew into what it is now when I listed a sign made on scrap wood for a garden, titled My Garden. Since then hundreds of signs have been custom created for people all over!

I am fulfilling a life long dream of being a self employed artist and consider myself lucky to be able to do so. I work in a 2 car garage using a huge collection of old tools, found materials and scrap wood to create a multitude of stuff and things, garden sculptures, wall art, jewelry and signs on scrap wood found in local dumpsters or donated by builders and mill owners. Customized pyrography signs created with the customer as part of the design team, the signs can be placed anywhere for anything! Serious like a grave marker for a beloved pet or silly enough to point to the garden path named “Psycho path”.

For Current listings and to buy please visit Signs O’ Fire


argentum 2argentum 3


RHM loves Argentum glass designs!

Argentum is Latin for Silver.  I started Argentum some 20 years ago.  My focus at the time was on creating sterling jewelry, hence the name.  Later on, I taught myself how to create stained glass and fell in love with this medium. I owned a brick and mortar shop for three years.   Now, I incorporate both stained glass and silver work into my repertoire of hand made items.  Everything is designed and made by me.  I scour the beaches along the New England Coastline to find broken vintage bottle fragments and porcelain, beach rocks and sea glass to make my items.  I also accept custom orders, so please ask.  Email me at argentumglassdesigns@cox.net and take a look at more items on my etsy site, argentumglassdesigns.etsy.com


“Are you fed up with dealing with hot flashes, night sweats, and rollercoaster mood swings and are looking for ways to alleviate those symptoms without hormone therapy?  If so, there’s a new book out there you should read which is called “The Magic of Menopause…A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back!” written by Lorraine Miano and is published by www.infiniteYouHealth.Com.  The author has written this book with a dash of humor and fun.  This book is loaded with information about menopause and how to deal with symptoms holistically.  Lorraine Miano’s motivation for writing this book was due to her own personal journey dealing with menopause.  Congratulations to Lorraine Miano on her new book and for sharing with us her wisdom in how menopause can be treated by natural means”.

Karen Giblin, Founder, Red Hot Mamas, www.redhotmamas.org

Single-Oils_SubCat_US_SCWEB_v1MY DOTTERA

Oils to help relieve menopause symptoms:

  • Diffuse the Women’s Monthly Blend or Calming Blend
  • Apply any of the following mixed with fractionated coconut oil: cypress, lavender, roman chamomile or orange

To Order: Mydottera.com


fresh-market-thermalsolution-pool-dayTHIRTY-ONE GIFTS

Thirty-One Gifts is about so much more than just a bag. We are a family of individuals who share a passion for empowering women, and who are committed to celebrate, encourage and reward others for who they are. The name Thirty-One Gifts comes from Proverbs 31, which describes the attributes and the importance of a “Virtuous Woman.”

Our mission is to help women by giving them the opportunity to own their own business, providing them with all the tools and support necessary to find success and possibly build a new career!

Founder, President & CEO Cindy Monroe started Thirty-One in her basement in 2003. From those humble beginnings we’ve grown into one of the most successful direct-selling businesses in the world, with more than 90,000 independent Sales Consultants across the U.S. and Canada – many of whom are reaching their dreams through this opportunity!

We believe in the power of relationships, and while the modern world says relationships can thrive from a distance, we know better. We’re passionate about bringing women together and creating opportunities for them to shop face-to-face while building new friendships.

We’re proud to support girls, women and families

On average, a girl’s self-esteem peaks at age 9. And less than 7%* of all philanthropic dollars in the U.S. are directed specifically to women and girls.
We’re helping to change those numbers.
Through our charitable arm, Thirty-One Gives, we’ve formed national partnerships with nonprofit organizations that share our mission, including Girl Talk and Ronald McDonald House Charities.
Since 2012, we’ve donated more than $80 million in cash and products to improve the lives of women, girls and families.
We’re proud to offer an exclusive collection that helps improve self-esteem and support healthy families.

Girl Talk

Helping teenage girls build self-esteem and confidence

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Providing a home away from home for families with hospitalized children.
*SOURCE: The Foundation Center Report on Women and Philanthropy
Bags are just the beginning.
To order please contact Gabrielle Robillard

WHO GOT LIZ GARDNER by Elizabeth Allen

419d1QLDTAL__SX309_BO1,204,203,200_WHO GOT LIZ GARDNER, by Elizabeth Allen, is a coming-of-age novel about the (mis)adventures of a dysfunctional, self-centered but essentially good-hearted aspiring actress growing up during the hedonistic 80s and 90s. A first-person narrative, the story is mostly set in New York City and later Los Angeles, as Liz pursues her twin goals of finding A) a career in acting, and B) a decent man (The One). Both of these goals prove elusive, though not from any lack of trying on Liz’s part.

The daughter of a five-time drama queen divorcee and a thoroughly despicable wealthy philandering shrink, Liz starts out with more psychological baggage than most people collect in a lifetime. It’s no surprise that she soon seeks out male companionship to fill her emotional void, or that the assorted men she beds invariably prove to be disposable ciphers. But instead of caving in and becoming a basket case, Liz summons up her inner moxie and sets out on her quest to find a good life and someone with whom to share it.

Who Got Liz Gardner is a complete meal with flavors, textures and ingredients reminiscent of “50 Shades of Grey”, and “Sex and the City” combined with a dash of “Fear of Flying”. Readers who enjoy feasts of this caliber will want to indulge in this extraordinary repast and encourage others to take a taste! However, be warned – while some like it hot, this meal hits the top of the Scoville scale. Muy caliente!
(edited by author)

To Purchase via Amazon

51Tdf1AQubL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_DISCOVERING ARUGULA: Book Two in Who Got Liz Gardner Series by Elizabeth Allen

Liz Gardner is ripe for Mr. Right. She has lived an admittedly reckless and debauched life, all the while questioning, “Why does everything happen to me?” Enlightenment finally kicks in and Liz’s forward path leads her directly to her soul mate. Unfortunately, she soon learns that real life doesn’t mimic fairy tales or chick flicks. Even though she feels healthy and balanced, her destructive patterns have their teeth deeply embedded into her ankles like a persistent rabid Chihuahua she can’t shake off. Fears of old habits, pining ex-lovers, the discovery of an ill-fated dark family secret and even murder threaten to sabotage the happily ever after she’s worked so hard for.

How do you handle all the crap after Happily Ever.

In this sequel to her critically acclaimed first novel WHO GOT LIZ GARDNER, author Elizabeth Allen cleverly takes us back to the moment when Eric Alexander gets Liz. Then she proceeds to take the reader on a courtship ride with more spins, twists, bumps and turns than the Coney Island Cyclone. By story’s end, you will be breathless, white-knuckled and lining up to go again!


To order via Amazon