Advertising Opportunities

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: October 24, 2014

Various opportunities are available for marketing and advertising through our website and/or our partner websites.

For advertising and public relations inquiries, please contact:

Karen Giblin, President, Red Hot Mamas®

Red Hot Mamas® will not accept any advertising that is not specifically related to health care or lifestyle in association with their audience. In addition, Red Hot Mamas will not accept any advertising that is of a derogatory nature.

Red Hot Mamas® editorial content is not influenced by our funding sources.

Red Hot Mamas® focus means advertising and educational messages reach an audience of highly motivated individuals including doctors, health care providers, their patients, and others seeking specific, targeted information.

Visitors use these sites because they are easy to navigate and provide a unique forum for exploring key subjects. Red Hot Mamas® is a proud member of HON and subscribes to its Code of Principals. All advertising is clearly marked advertisement.

The articles and advertising do not imply endorsement or recommendations of those who write on the sites. Sometimes brand products and services are discussed in articles and those names may even be linked to a company or product. Brand and product names are used in articles when such names are deemed to be important to the reader or when such names are so closely associated with a therapy as to be indistinguishable from the therapy itself.

Advertising Policies
Red Hot Mamas® reserves the right to decline any advertising. Ad banners that threaten the visitor or their computer, or otherwise intentionally mislead visitors into clicking on their banners are prohibited. The subject material of the linked page should be directly related to the message reflected in the banner ad Red Hot Mamas is not responsible for the content of third party sites that are directly or indirectly linked from our site.
Advertisement on this site does not imply endorsement of the advertised product, company or service.

Banner Ad Definition
A banner ad is the graphic image of the client’s message that is generated on the screen of the person’s computer who is visiting the web site page that contains the graphic file and related controlling HTML code for that message.

Contract Renewal
Red Hot Mamas reserves the first right of refusal for renewal of any banner ad slot or keyword-ad buy on the Red Hot Mamas web site.

Right of Refusal
Red Hot Mamas reserves the right to refuse any advertisement sponsorship banner that does not completely conform to every detail, instruction, method, and guideline set in the Technical Specifications. Red Hot Mamas reserves the right to refuse any advertisement graphic that does not arrive seven days before the client would like the banner to be produced online. Red Hot Mamas does not accept advertising from companies that produce or provide tobacco, alcohol, or pornographic products.