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The ‘Menopause Beer’ That Can Help You Sleep Better

Contributed by Rachel Pillow Picker- Guest Contributor We’re all aware of the importance of sleep, particularly as we age. During the progressive stages of menopause, even previous party animals and night owls tend to need more rest. Ironically, the body seems ...

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Five Solutions for Better Sleep During Menopause

Contributed by Hilary Thompson- Guest Contributor As a child, your scheduled naps and bedtimes seemed like the worst punishment invented. You likely balled your hands into fists and stomped your feet when you were told to take a nap. By ...

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Trouble Sleeping? These 21 Blogs Can Help

Article contributed by  http://dranandvora.com/trouble-sleeping/   Not getting a full night’s sleep is worse for you than you may have known: It can alter your genes. It makes you unable to read people’s facial expressions, so you overestimate threat. It could ...

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