A Menopause Poem

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: May 26, 2010

By Bonita Emerson, McMinnville, Oregon

 Menopause is the rite of passage, a journey in which a women ends her cycle of menses.  Through it, she and her body prepares for the latter half of her years when her intuition turns into wisdom.   The symptoms, like the old saying goes - 'the curse,'                     it's almost like a reverse from before the first period  of adolescence.   Dry skin begins--rub that oil in instantly, while mood swings come and go as hormones ebb-n-flow  and make you want to moan, then to tears  because something upset you angrily.  Then to accompany this miser, a heat wave washes over me- off goes that extra cotton cloth of clothing immediately!  Water splashes for hot flashes Thank you Jesus, as it refreshes Praise God, I've just cooled off!!  Forgetfulness verses memory? Please pass the vitamins to me, Before I have to use The Clapper to find my keys. I clap, it beeps under the newspaper on the table,  But what, I'm able to remember something my hubby asked of me, To recover what he thought was lost forever.  Decisions, decisions, decisions to make, As my hair begins to thin, and loses its natural tint, Should I decide to become a new woman and color with Clairol? Or do the honorable and grow old graceful with grey?  Either way, I will embrace this change and remain the unique and wonderful lady that I am..... And oh, the fatigue, when my husband responds so lovingly, Yet I sense his endurance, oh mercy me, where's my energy?   Before I know it, I throw off my blanket, but keep my sheet-  Ahhh, cool and comfortable, I get the best of both worlds- a touch of intimacy, as I fall asleep.