Hello, and welcome aboard!

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: May 26, 2010

Thank you for subscribing to “The Menopause Minute®”.  We are excited to launch this newsletter which offers important health information and updates about PRIME PLUS/Red Hot Mamas® Programs.

Over the last decade, menopausal health has evolved tremendously and continues to change as new information is released to the public on a regular basis.   As the nation’s leading menopause education program, we recognize how important it is to bring essential health information to you in an accurate and concise manner. To meet these needs, “The Menopause Minute®” can be your one stop menopause health source.

We’re also proud to launch the Red Hot Mamas’ “Woman to Woman Community Board” which is sponsored by Replens. You can now participate in chats with women around the country, like yourself, about menopausal health concerns. To join the “Community”, please visit www.redhotmamas.org and click on “The Woman to Woman Community Board”.

Menopause marks the entry into the gateway of a new phase of life. As we venture into this new uncharted territory, choosing a path to good health is vital. We look forward to providing you the tools to help maintain a healthy life at menopause and beyond.

Good Health to You!

Karen Giblin, Founder
PRIME PLUS/Red Hot Mamas®
Menopause Management Education Programs