Red Hot Mamas Spotlight

Red Hot Mamas® Spotlight

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: December 2, 2014

Over the past 23 years, Red Hot Mamas® has met many lovely women throughout the country and all over the world.

We are starting a new ‘Spotlight’ section to share some of their stories.

It is our pleasure to share this Red Hot Mamas® story as our first Spotlight!

Recently, at a monthly Red Hot Mamas® program at the MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore, MD., we met Brenda and her husband.  She shared with us her story about her medical problems, and an upcoming surgery that was planned.

She sought to find a surgery technique to have her fibroids removed that would be safe and have her back on her feet in the shortest amount of time. Dr. Natalya Danilyants of The Center for Innovative GYN Careperformed a minimally invasive laparoscopic hysterectomy.

This is the article that the Center for Innovative GYN Care and Brenda shared with us:

I had been living with fibroids for most of my life. Before I decided to investigate my surgery options, I’d been noticing increased pressure on my bladder as well as frequent urination.

Who did you see initially?

I visited my OBGYN as well as a urogynecologist who both said that due to my unique situation they wouldn’t be able to perform a minimally invasive laparoscopic hysterectomy. They explained that my uterus was too big, and that I had too many fibroids — the risk would be too great and couldn’t be done safely using the robotic technique they were familiar with.

How did you get in touch with Dr. Natalya Danilyants?

I wanted the least invasive technique for my hysterectomy with the quickest recovery time. I had never missed a day of work in 18 years, and I wanted to stay in the game. I also have a very physical job, so this was incredibly important to me. My urogynecologist ended up referring me to Dr. Danilyants, who I call “Dr. D.” now for short!

When you went to see Dr. Danilyants, what did she tell you?

Dr. Danilyants was able to explain to me exactly what was going on. She took a personalized approach, and showed me where my multiple fibroids were and conveyed why I was having the symptoms I was having. It all now made sense, and I had immediate confidence in her because of her ability to outline all of my specific medical details. Dr. Danilyants showed no hesitation at all regarding her ability to perform a minimally invasive hysterectomy. At the same time, I never felt pressure from her to undergo surgery. I’m so glad I did additional research or else I would have had an open surgery with one of the other doctors I met.

What was it about CIGC’s techniques that was attractive to you?

The fact that they were specialists and were skilled enough to perform a minimally invasive laparoscopic hysterectomy instead of an open surgery. Also, Dr. Danilyants doesn’t rely on the aid of a robot to perform her techniques. Lastly, I had been reading so much in the news about power morcellation, and Dr. Danilyants assured me that she never uses morcellation in her surgery techniques. I was sold!

How did the surgery go?

It was a wonderful life-changing experience, my husband and I had so much faith in Dr. Danilyants. After the surgery, I felt so much better that I reached a personal turning point. I feel like a new woman. Working out and eating right come so naturally to me now, and I’ve actually lost 40 lbs. because of my increased energy and healthy habits. Also, my incisions are hardly detectable!

Anything you want to tell “Dr. D.”?

I feel great! I will be 50 in March, and I have not felt this good in years! My husband Jim referred to “Dr. D.” as “Our Hero” when we went to a follow up appointment, and he told the patients in the waiting room what an amazing job she did.

At this point, I think of her as a personal friend. I wish she and the other surgeons at The Center for Innovative GYN Care all the success in the world. She drastically changed my life for the better. Her talents need to be shared!



Many thanks to Brenda for sharing her story with us!