Serve Us Some Feedback for Our New Cookbook

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: May 26, 2010

Written by Menopause Minute® Editors chef

What is your idea of a fantastic meal? When you go to a restaurant, what makes you really think, “Wow, this is a really great experience!”?  The reason we want to know is because we think it’s possible to create that wonderful experience in your own kitchen while beating the heat of hot flashes!   We’re currently compiling a cook book for menopausal women (their friends and family too), that is filled with health information, tips and recipes that look as scrumptious as they taste.

By simply choosing the right foods, common symptoms of menopause and even some chronic diseases can be avoided.  Certain foods actually can exacerbate menopause symptoms! We’ll tell you about those in the cook book as well, so you will know to minimize or avoid them in your kitchen. There will be no shortage of tips and great recipes to keep women healthy while helping reduce their hot flashes, but we’re looking for more. 

We know you cook, we know you entertain, we know you want to be healthy. So, we need your input to help guide us to create a cook book that will complement your spirited lifestyle as a Red Hot Mama.  Our hope is that our book will proudly be displayed on the shelf, and used, as much, or more,  than your Better Homes & Gardens Bible of cooking! Provide us with some ideas to give a quirky Red Hot Mamas twist on how to beat the heat in the kitchen and how to Eat to Defeat Menopause!

Help us assess what is essential, or what is not so important in a cook book. Would you like to see any of the following?

  • Tips on entertaining?
  • Tips on food safety?
  • Tips on buying organic?
  • Growing your own foods?
  • Recipe ingredient conversions?
  • Do you have any dishes or ingredients you’d like us to feature?
  • Nutritional information?
  • Anything else?

Serve us some feedback: Thank you in advance for your input- we look forward to hearing from you!