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Exercise and Osteoporosis: Use it or Lose it!

The following article is brought to you by our March sponsor, Reclast. Bone health follows the old adage "Use it or lose it." The more you “work” your bones, the stronger and denser they become. Working your bones involves doing ...

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Madonna, The Menopause Mentor

Evidently, forty-seven year old Rosie O’Donnell gets tips from Madonna to deal with menopause. In a very candid interview on The Tyra Banks Show, Rosie recently reveals how her body is reacting to The Change and what the now 50 ...

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Still Searching for the Salutary Effects of Wine

Last year, I visited my friends in the great Golden State of California. I had the wonderful privilege of staying at one of those magnificent vineyards in the Calistoga region of Napa Valley. For me, it’s a place like no ...

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