CHOCOLATE – Benefits, Facts & Figures

By: Guest Author

Published: June 6, 2017

Written by Lily Blackall- Guest Contributor

Food of the Gods – the Greek interpretation of cacao or better known as Chocolate is relished by all age groups across the world.

The sight or even the thought of this sweet-smelling dark brown nectar is euphoric. Letting the chocolate dissolve slowly on your tongue brings about feelings of arousal and uplifts your mood, and even improves your performance.

Whether it’s pure-dark, bittersweet or milk-flavoured – the love for chocolates is evident from its historical facts and global sales statistics, where the European continent leads the sales chart followed by United States and Asia.

Chocolates can be devoured in several ways. The assorted flavours and exotic delicacies are created by altering the percentage of cocoa and combining it with various ingredients. The delicious outcomes are different types cakes and desserts, spreads, cookies, beverages and even the main courses or savouries.

The fact that chocolates are also healthy and have tremendous antioxidant potential, adds to the bliss of enjoying them more. Of course higher the cocoa content, higher the benefits.

Regular consumption of dark chocolate helps in lowering the cholesterol level and the  cardiovascular problems -thereby reducing the chances of a stroke-attack or even death due to attack. It improves the insulin sensitivity that can delay or prevent diabetes, and can also help you lose weight.

There‘s hardly a reason to deny chocolates. Eat it to make yourself happy or give it to someone you love. Chocolate also pairs up amazingly with wines and flowers for a perfect gifting idea for any occasion.

Enjoy the choco-facts in the following infographic –

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