A Midlife Mother's Day Gift

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: May 15, 2012

Flower Power Mom has a Mother’s Day gift for all Mamas seeking the truth about motherhood after 40: knowledge, advocacy and the truth. Informed Choices for Later Mothers is a new, multidisciplinary online resource for fertility, birth and parenting after 40. The new panel of doctors and experts speak candidly on the controversy surrounding later motherhood.

The experts range from all walks of life including reproductive endocrinology, obstetrics, Chinese medicine, clinical-child psychology, adult psychotherapy and bioethics. They all have one goal in mind: to understand and deal with the skyrocketing population of women around the world having children after 40. Watch the 2 minute trailer about Informed Choices for Later Mother’s at www.FlowerPowerMom.com.

Here’s a special Mother’s Day Wish from FlowerPowerMom founder, Angel La Liberte:

I journeyed on my life path and gathered the wisdom I needed to arrive at a place of readiness to be a mother, regardless of my age.

As I walked, I often reached for the glittering stars of achievement, or the promise of love, hoping they would bring me closer to my true destination.

At last, the day came when I discovered the secret of my desire to be a mother: the “right time” for a child can only be born in our hearts.

Readiness can be as powerful and as overwhelming as a tsunami of longing leveling us to the ground—a profound every day need that the world cannot understand.

I release all fear and doubt, nurturing the sacred flame of faith in my heart. I trust my child has also chosen, and journeys with me on his or her own path and time.

Miracles happen. I open all my heart to all of life’s possibilities and embrace the seed of my child’s love—from wish to reality.