Ask The Experts- June 2017

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: June 8, 2017

Dear Red Hot Mamas,

Can you please help me?  I think I may have dry eyes.  What are the symptoms?

Thank you.  I love your website!


Dear Rose,

If you have one or more of the following symptoms, you may have chronic dry eyes:

  • A persistent dry, irritated, gritty feeling
  • Burning or itching
  • Pain or redness
  • Excessive tearing
  • Intermittent blurry vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Eye fatigue
  • Distress that disturbs your ability that requires your visual attention such as reading or using the computer
  • A mucous discharge

Dry eye disease is quite common.   Some ways to ease mild to moderate dry eyes are to use a humidifier year round; wear sunglasses; blink often when using a computer; avoid smoking, dusty environments and stay hydrated.  Many people find that over the counter artificial tears are helpful.  If these lifestyle tips don’t relieve your dry eye, your ophthalmologist may recommend medications or surgery to help you depending on the severity of your dry eyes.

Thank you for writing to Red Hot Mamas.  Hope this information is of help to you.