Ask the Experts

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: June 18, 2014

Dear Red Hot Mamas Experts,

I recently had a hysterectomy and am currently experiencing horrible menopausal symptoms. Forgetfulness is a major issue. I find myself forgetting things on a daily basis and it’s starting to scare me. Help!

Thank you!



Dear P,

First, let me assure you that this is a common problem during the menopause transition. Many women experience memory malfunctions. Some can be blamed on stress we might be experiencing. However, studies have shown that women at menopause have difficulty with verbal memory. It’s always helpful to keep the brain functioning by stimulating your mind.

I enjoy playing Scrabble on my phone with my daughters. I’m not great at word puzzles, but they are helpful in stimulating your mind, too. Speak to your doctor about estrogen as it has been shown to be helpful if taken and it may improve memory functioning. I also advocate making lists, having designated places for items (such as my eyeglasses, keys, etc.,) and when I meet someone, repeating their name several times so it sticks in my mind.

If you feel you are having severe memory loss, seek the help of a doctor. Your doctor may order several tests to check for underlying medical issues.

Good Health to You!

Red Hot Mamas Experts