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By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: February 15, 2011


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Dear Karen & Dr. Seibel,

After a year of no periods, will my sleepless nights, uncontrollable hot flashes and moodiness end any time soon? Or, will I experience them for years to come? My doctor doesn’t seem to be helping me very much.

Thank you,


Dear L,

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell how long symptoms will last. Some women have symptoms way beyond the actual onset of menopause. I’m sorry to be the bearer of that information.

With the hot flashes, stress, warm weather, caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, smoking can trigger them and even wearing or sleeping in synthetic fabrics. So it’s best to try natural fibers. Also, it’s important to maintain a healthy weight, as heavier women have more hot flashes and they last for a longer length of time.

If you find your GYN isn’t meeting your needs, please try to find a certified menopause clinician in your area. Your clinician should be able to assess your symptoms, whether they are hormone related, or caused by other factors. I’m certain they will give you a thorough physical examination as well. Be sure to bring a list of your questions. Hope this helps and thank you for using us as a menopause resource. Wish you good health and keep in touch with us. We care.

Good Health to You!

Karen and Dr. Seibel