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By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: January 16, 2012

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Dear Red Hot Mamas Experts,

I just turned 50 and had my first hot flash the night of my birthday. I have been using the product i-Cool and it helped at first, but now I am actually hot more! It was working and I never felt hot flashes or night sweats. Now, I’m freezing my husband out of the house when he is home! Please help.

Thank you,


Dear L,

First and foremost, happy birthday! The big-five-oh is certainly full of surprises. I still can recall my flaming fifties and all that accompanied it including hot flashes, sleep disturbances and other menopausal ravages. Many women say i-Cool really works. However, it is important to remember to take it every day. You would be surprised how many women also have memory loss (a lot of time due to waking up at night with sweats) and these women are so tired, irritable and certainly remember things due to loss of sleep. So, if you are forgetting to take pill each day, that might be the answer.

If you are taking the pill each day, it may need more time to work (i.e., taking it for 6 to 8 weeks). Even when women take a prescribed hormone therapy, it takes about the same time as mentioned to work and then, sometimes, this type of therapy does not completely eliminate hot flashes. So I would suggest patience. Also, if you are ingesting caffeine, i.e., Coke, tea, coffee, chocolate, you should cut back and they will exacerbate hot flashes.

Also, try some stress reduction activities, deep breathing, yoga, and learn to relax. Stress really brings on hot flashes even more. I can relate to the husband situation entirely. My poor husband was so cold at night due to my opening windows and turning the heat way down. I still remember his face as he burrowed under the covers shivering. At that time, i-Cool was not available. I do hope that you will let me know if any of these tips help. And, I do hope that you will remain in touch.

Good Health to You!

Red Hot Mamas Experts