Ask the Experts- December 2023

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: December 12, 2023

Dear Red Hot Mamas,

Here’s an embarrassing question that I hope you can provide an answer to as I am experiencing vulvovaginal itching. I’ve purchased from my local drugstore a tube of OTC anti yeast cream but I truly don’t think it’s a yeast infection. Could it be from something I’m using?


Dear Robin,

It would be best to speak to your doctor to see what is causing the itching.

However, you might try some simple things first. For instance, are you wearing tight clothing, panty liners, control top panty hose? These items may contribute to locking in moisture and the moisture as well as the friction from these items may contribute to your feeling itchy. Also, some women’s feminine care products wipes, sprays, douches can sometimes cause an irritating feeling and itchiness. So, it might be best to avoid using things like soap, bubble bath, detergents, douches, deodorant hygiene products, sanitary pads and even nylon underwear.

You did not mention your menopausal status but if you are approaching menopause or are in menopause or postmenopausal your levels of estrogen may have dropped which can cause a dry and itchy sensation. If that is the case, your doctor may recommend a small amount of estrogen cream with might be helpful to you.

Hope this provides some help to you, but its best to discuss this with your doctor.

Red Hot Mamas