Ask the Experts- January 2020

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: January 8, 2020

Dear Red Hot Mamas,


Can you please give me the scoop on snoring? My husband is constantly complaining that I snore loudly practically every night. What can help me with this issue? Thank you.



Dear Sonia,

There are a host of reasons why some individuals snore ranging from blocked nasal passages, possibly a deviated septum; congestion from allergies and/or colds and even sleep apnea. If your nose is clogged or narrowed due to a cold or other blockage, the fast-moving air is more likely to produce snoring.

* If you are overweight, lose weight. Whenever your weight increases, snoring seems to get worse.

* Sleep on your side and avoid sleeping on your back. When you sleep on your back your tongue somewhat blocks your breathing and it makes the tissue in your throat vibrate. So change your position if you are a back sleeper.

* Avoid alcohol and sedatives which may reduce the resting tone of the muscles in the back of your throat, making it more likely you’ll snore.

* Take a hot shower before you go to bed which can help open nasal passages.

* Change Your Pillows. Allergens in your bedroom and in your pillow may contribute to snoring.

* Nasal strips are adhesive strips and they seem to work to lift nasal passages and open them up — if the problem exists in your nose and not within the soft palate.

* Stay well hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. Secretions in your nose become thicker when you are dehydrated and can cause more snoring.

* A dentist can also make you an oral appliance that is similar to a mouth guard. This repositions your jaw and helps to keep your throat open.

Snoring can certainly disrupt your sleep and that of your partner. But besides being annoying, it may indicate a serious health condition.

Please see your doctor and discuss various treatment options which can help you get your sleep under control.