Ask The Experts- July 2020

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: July 14, 2020

Dear Red Hot Mamas,

I’m writing to you today as my concern is my families medical history. Am I destined to have diseases like my parents succumbed to? I’m 55 and my mom has early Alzheimer’s disease and my father prostate cancer. Please provide me some answers. I love the Red Hot Mamas.



Dear Dianne,

Thank you for writing to us. The genes with you inherit can certainly increase your risk of developing certain diseases. However, your genes are not necessarily your destiny. You can actually take steps to prevent or reduce the onset of disease. You can do this by being proactive with establishing healthy habits. This may even save your life.

Certain diseases and/or disorders do run in families. It is important for you to know your family health history and be aware of any diseases/disorders that your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins may have.

You should keep a log of person related to you and any illness they may have had. And, be sure to record the age at which they were diagnosed. And, if anyone has died, record their age and cause of death.

Once, you have this family history be sure to discuss this with your clinician. Your physician can then thoroughly discuss your particular risks. Perhaps he/she may recommend an earlier screening for a particular disease.

Also, establishing healthy habits is important. Eating healthy, exercising regularly and, of course, stopping smoking is very important. Log in a calendar your progress for healthier living strategies. Record your accomplishments when you’ve reached particular goals. Just stay focused, it will pay off in the long haul.

Here are some diseases and disorders that run in families:

* Alzheimer’s disease

* Breast cancer

* Colorectal cancer

* Depression

* Diabetes

* Heart disease

* High blood pressure

* Ovarian cancer

* Parkinson’s disease

* Stroke

Remember tracking your health, your family history may also help your children, grandchildren and other relatives as well.