Ask the Experts- September 2019

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: September 6, 2019

Dear Red Hot Mamas,

I’ve noticed my hair getting progressively thinner during menopause. Can you provide me with any reasons for that?

Thank you,



Dear Olivia,

Clearly the problem may be due to aging, as well as menopause. The same way our skin changes and the cell growth in it changes, so does the cycle in our hair growth. Many women notice these changes during perimenopause. Bad hair days are not uncommon as well as slight thinning of the hair.

Talk to your healthcare provider about whether one of the following could be to blame:

* An overactive or underactive thyroid which can cause hair loss

* Hormonal fluctuations at menopause

* Your haircare regimen (hair dye, straightening of your hair, excessive blow drying)

* Your diet may even be playing havoc with your hair

* Certain medications may be having side effects affecting your hair. If so, your clinician may switch medications

* Your genes may be playing a role. There is a hereditary condition called alopecia which your clinician may be able to prescribe a medication for

So, if you are losing your locks, seek a consultation with a dermatologist. The earlier you do so, the better off you may be. Also, remember to be kind to you hair and use a gentle shampoo, apply lots of conditioners and limit use of super hot hairdryers. And, find a good hairdresser for product recommendations.