Bedroom Helpers: Tips for Keeping Sex Alive at Menopause

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: June 25, 2010

“Have you ever noticed that sexual functioning changes around the same time we receive our AARP cards? However, it doesn’t have to go out the window. Sex can remain pleasurable at any age,” says Karen Giblin in the latest Red Hot Mamas Report focusing on sex and menopause.

The Report revelas results from a recent Harris-sponsored survey on how menopausal symptoms may affect one’s sex life. Perspectives on aging and sexuality are also discussed along with tips for keeping sex alive at menopause. The following article is an exceprt from the Life Between the Sheets Special Report.

Due to fluctuating hormones characterized by menopause, some women notice changes in libido (a higher or lower than usual sex drive). However, it is a common myth that all women experience a decreased sex drive and decline in sexual activity at menopause. It does not mean the end of your sex life! It may be a little more of a challenge, but it can be more fulfilling and satisfying after menopause than ever before!

Keep a positive attitude, communicate with your partner and be proactive in your health care. Many non-medical options help women improve sexual desire and functioning including regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Here are some hot tips to keep sizzling during menopause:

  • Find the Motivation to keep sex satisfying! Take control of your sexuality. Look beyond the negative attitudes and misconceptions that saturates our youth-oriented society. The more positive your belief and values are about sexuality, the greater your desire to behave sexually will be.
  • Understand Menopasue …including the physical and psychological changes associated with it. Knowing what to expect can ease the transition. Understand there may be a shift in your sexuality in the years before menopasue. Becoming knowledgeable will help you deal with it better.
  • Take Charge of Vaginal Dryness Estrogen used as a pill, patch, cream or gel will provide greatest relief from painful sex caused by vaginal dryness. Over the counter lubricants and long-lasting vaginal moisturizers are also available. Regular sex is important for relieving vaginal dryness. “Use it or lose it” applies here.
  • Be Honest…Don’t be Embarassed Communication is essential to a healthy relationship and sex life. Don’t get trapped in the “communication barrier”. No one is a mind reader. Be honest and positive to your partner so they know the physical changes you are going through. The more you talk, the more comfortable you will be with your partner.
  • Kick Start Your Libido If you have a significant lack of interest, low testosterone may be the culprit. Discuss with your doctor the role of testosterone supplementation. Learn more about hormone therapy–estrogen, progesterone, angdrogens–their benefits and risks.
  • Spice Up Your Bedroom Set the mood. Prepare your space-alert your senses (the look, the smell, the feel, etc.). Throw away the flannel pajamas! Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and sexy.

Sex will change as you get older but it does not have to become less enjoyable! Sex often gets better as people age. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy sex as long as you live. Remember, you can get pregnant during perimenopause. Consider using birth control.

View the Life Between the Sheets Special Report in its entirety.