Conversation with Cheryl Hines and Karen Giblin…December 19, 2018

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: December 19, 2018

Conversation with Cheryl Hines and Karen Giblin…December 19, 2018

I just had the pleasure and honor to speaking to Cheryl Hines.  Yes, you all must recognize her from the popular television show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

She and I spoke about the Painfully Awkward Conversations Campaign which Cheryl has been involved with and I participated in as a sponsor as well.   This campaign aims to raise awareness for women suffering with painful sex after menopause and to help empower them to get comfortable talking about it with their doctors.

During our conversation, I thanked Cheryl for her motivation and support of all of those Red Hot Mamas, like myself, out there who may be experiencing vaginal dryness and painful sex issues.

I said that sex at menopause and beyond can be quite challenging due to painful sex, but it should not be mission impossible.  Cheryl wholeheartedly agreed.  That is why she got involved in the Painfully Awkward Conversation campaign.

We discussed the issues that thousands of women through Red Hot Mamas have shared with me.  They not only have dealt with the devilish duo (hot flashes and night sweats) which do go away after a time.  But, they also have to deal with a dryness issue – and it’s not just their sense of humor becoming dry – its vaginal dryness which certainly affects the frequency and quality of their sexual relationship with their partner.  Many of these women simply have flatlined sex due to vaginal dryness and the discomfort and pain.

And, they don’t share this condition with their partner, nor with their healthcare provider.  They don’t know that there is relief for pain and discomfort.

I asked Cheryl, why is this an important conversation to have with your doctor? And, she said, that many women don’t know that what they are experiencing is a common problem amongst women.  And, women should be open with their doctors, as there are treatment options available.

Cheryl recommended that women go to to watch campaign videos of women discussing painful sex.  This site also provides information on how to initiate a conversation with your doctor about this condition.  She also stressed the importance for women to remember that doctors aren’t mind readers, so women should be open and honest with their doctors so they get the help they need.

In closing, I would like you all to know there is life between the sheets and to know that sex can remain pleasurable at any age.  I hope you will take charge, be honest, not get caught up in a communication barrier with your doctors, and get the help you need for this treatable medical condition.

Through your Cheryl Hines efforts, many women will do so.

Thank you for reading this article. And, happy holidays to you all.

Karen Giblin