Dear Red Hot Mamas

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: February 10, 2013

I know that February is considered the shortest month of the year, but to me, it has always felt like the longest. Living in the northeast, the weather is usually dreary, cold and snowy. I guess I will try to look at the glass as half full, in anticipation that soon Spring will arrive.

And, here we are about to celebrate Valentine’s Day again on February 14th. That’s why February is called the month of love. Supposedly love fills the air. Yes, there are chocolates, roses, and many people who go out for pricey dinners as well.

Well, I’m one who has always believed that there’s ways to have a great Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. Here are some of the things that I’ve always done at home and certainly it costs about half the price of all those expensive things.

  • Make dinner at home. There’s nothing better than popping a bottle open of Italian Prosecco and sitting down at your own meticulously set table with candles and enjoying a home cooked special meal that you and your loved one adores. I’ve always found that restaurants have price fixed dinners and I’ve had many unsatisfying experiences with food on Valentine’s Day. I’m looking forward to our dinner at home!
  • The gift of giving. Yes, chocolates are nice, however, I can’t afford to indulge. I’ve got to let the wisdom of my age prevail when it comes to my waistline. So, it’s best I keep those chocolates out of my sight. So, instead of giving my love chocolates, I’ll give him a gift of love.
  • Perhaps, I’ll take his car to the car wash, pick up his dry cleaning, or burn him a CD of music he loves.

Those things don’t cost much and I know he will appreciate them. After all, I’ll keep in mind how long it takes to lose weight. Those chocolates really aren’t worth those extra pounds. Totie Fields once said “I’ve been on a diet for two weeks and all I’ve lost is two weeks.” I can certainly relate. And I know a lot of other women can relate too as we all seem to struggle with food.

And, many women don’t have a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It happens sometimes by choice in those who simply love the single life, or it may have happened because of death or divorce. And, by the way, women living alone represent more than half of one-person households. I am convinced that Valentine’s Day should not just be celebrated for couples, but it also should be a day to celebrate the love for yourself. After all, you are your own perfect companion and your own best friend. How fortunate is that? So this Valentine’s Day, take inventory of all you have, shift your imagination and become receptive to all the positive happenings in your life. Do something meaningful for yourself. Treat yourself to a leisurely walk at your local park, go to a fun movie, go to a day spa, have a massage or go to the gym to relieve stress. Life is a banquet, so enjoy it as if you were a conspicuous consumer.

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