Dear Red Hot Mamas

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: July 15, 2013

Winter may be cozier when having hot flashes, but summer’s certainly are not! Great balls of fire, are you feeling cooked as the outside temperature soars this summer? I know my hot flashes seem to increase during the summer and it almost feels like a greenhouse effect. I can see why environmentalists are celebrating the success of an experiment to tap into the vast heat resources of menopausal women as an alternative to fossil fuels.

So, what’s a girl to do when those hot flashes strike? You could always turn on your television and watch a video on Antarctica! That may or may not do the trick.

Here’s a few Red Hot Mamas tips to survive menopause in the summer months:

  • Wear removable layers
  • Drink plenty of water to cool you down
  • Turn your purse into a hot flash emergency kit. Carry in your purse: a hot flash diary (yes log day, times and what you were doing when hot flashes occur). You should share this log with your health care practitioner. Other helpful items to carry in your purse should include: blotting tissues, baby-wipes or moist towelettes, a portable fan and a spray bottle with water to give you spritzes to cool you down. Always keep an extra sleeveless top to change in and a plastic bag for soggy clothing.
  • Learn to relax, paced respiration, and deep breathing as flashes come on.

Really, you should talk to your doctor if your hot flashes are frequent or severe and are interfering with your daily life. Remember, the severity of hot flashes varies wildly from woman to woman. So what may be tolerable to your friend, may be totally intolerable to you.

In any case, you should be conscious of the importance proper nutrition and exercising on a regular basis has on menopausal health. Both help with hot flashes. Your doctor should also discuss all menopause remedies which could range from medicines to myth.

It’s also important for you to do your own research before using any product so you can make your own decision. Red Hot Mamas offers free menopause education and support programs in hospitals in the US and Canada. We’ve been a preeminent resource on all aspects of menopause through numerous channels: our community message boards, our newsletter and our website.

Stay Cool,

Karen Giblin
Founder and President
Red Hot Mamas