Dear Red Hot Mamas

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: October 18, 2013

Let’s celebrate World Menopause Day! Yes, Red Hot Mamas is all about good health and happiness. As a member of the International Menopause Society (IMS), we truly have something to celebrate this month.

There are some important steps we can take that really do help prevent diseases. I’ve found one of the most important action one can take is to learn to be happy. This definitely helps reduce our stress levels. We have all heard the adage “Love makes the world go round”. Why not share your love by reaching out to your family, friends, and even expand your network to find new friends?

At every Red Hot Mamas program I attend, I ask women to turn their chairs and talk to the person either in front of them, or behind their seats. I encourage them to learn their names and strike up a conversation about themselves. The women are usually caught off guard when I do this, but they also are thankful. Suddenly they feel less lonely.

Scientists have reported for years about the benefits of about having happy relationships. Its not just about having good times with friends, it’s also about the health benefits it produces, like boosting our immunity and lowering our risk for heart trouble. Loneliness and isolation may actually pose a threat to our health by increasing our risk of high blood pressure, depression, cause sleep problems and even muddled thinking.

So, why not invest in your future health by sharing your life with others. We hope that we offer a solution by attending our Red Hot Mamas programs and/or logging onto our Red Hot Mamas Community Board to meet other women. If those are not interesting options for you, sometimes joining a gym, or attending a house of worship may be the solution. Whatever you choose, it’s important for your health to have happy interactions with family and friends.

Now, let’s take a look at what the International Menopause Society and the World Health Organization are doing on October 18 as World Menopause Day. Red Hot Mamas supports all efforts to inform women about menopause, its management and the impact of estrogen loss. We support policies that support research and treatment in the area of menopausal health.

The potential symptoms of menopause, sometimes has a negative impact in women’s quality of life. The consequences of menopause also may lead to increased risk for development of diseases such as heart disease and osteoporosis. It is necessary for women to become educated about menopause and reduce the risks associated with menopause. Red Hot Mamas encourages women to talk to their doctors about menopause and its long term effects.

Also, we encourage women to implement preventive health strategies such as losing weight, eating healthy and engaging in daily physical activity. The theme of World Menopause Day, October 18, 2013 is a campaign by the International Menopause Society (IMS) called ‘Oncology in midlife and beyond’. According to IMS, after menopause there’s an increased risk of cancer and therefore being proactive in managing a healthy lifestyle will significantly reduce this risk. Preventative strategies, such as decreasing smoking and alcohol consumption, losing weight, eating a healthy diet and undertaking physical activity, and implementation of screening could help to significantly decrease the incidence and mortality from cancer.

Use our website and other resources to learn what measures you can take to reach or maintain a”>healthy lifestyle at menopause.

Good Health to You All,

Karen Giblin
Founder and President
Red Hot Mamas