Dear Red Hot Mamas

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: May 16, 2011

Oh, sweet Spring readers… I always feel like my inspiration peaks at this time of year, like the winter dust has finally disappeared with the wind and I can finally take a deep breath.

This Spring, I intend to focus on the menopause conversation. We have an incredible community of like-minded, creative, powerful women who should have an outlet to discuss themes around surrounding our lives at menopause. Whether it’s time management, stress relief, hot flashes or money, we want the conversation to continue to grow and blossom.

Our new Facebook fan page was created for this very reason! It’s one more way we’re connecting women throughout menopause. Help us create a fireball of momentum by clicking “Like” on the top of the RHM Facebook page.

Spring and Summer, transition is all around us. The climacteric, which is a medical term used to describe the process we go through as we leave our reproductive years and enter into a non-reproductive state. It is otherwise known as the menopause transition. I’ve always thought the term, climacteric, is a rather awkward word for me to use, and have wondered how it even got its name. It sounds suggestive, almost like climax, and far too medical for me to comprehend. I much prefer to hear the words “the menopause transition” or just “menopause”. Sometimes the newness of the transition can leave us feeling really wiped and overwhelmed. So, how can we make the transition a time of blooming possibility instead of happenstance?

The trick is to think about intentions. How do you want to feel during menopause? Of course, your body can dictate many things about how you feel, but it’s also about desired feelings and grounding intentions. Personally, I want to feel in control, have a happy balance of work and fun and feel in control of my own destiny.

Entering the unknown can certainly be scary but it’s important not to let it get in the way of how you want to live your life. That’s why many women want to know exactly where they are in the transition. The thing is, measuring menopause and determining where we are in the process is not an exact science and sometimes it is not easy for clinicians to determine. Because of the unfounded precision, menopause is not really confirmed until we have not had our periods for twelve consecutive months.

And, just as confusing as this all is for us, our symptoms vary intensity and duration interrupting our quality of life. Many of us feel like our bodies are completely out of control when these alien experiences occur. Personally, this draws me off course, dislodging my intentions, so I need to find a way to regain control and get grounded back to those intentions. So, I know I need to find a good clinician who is able to discuss these concerns. It’s equally important for women assess their health and take action to reduce age-related health risks which will help to prevent disease and begin to pursue a healthy lifestyle – exercise, healthy eating, watching your weight and stress management. Only then can you transition your menopause into a positive time of blooming possibility.

In essence, there is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, or absolute answer as to how “to do” menopause. Adopting healthy lifestyle changes and talking to your clinician about your questions and concerns cannot be overemphasized. Ease the transition and peel away the darkness of winter and enter the warmth of spring and welcome healthy changes to your life.

This month, we would like to thank Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver, WA for renewing their Red Hot Mamas Program. We appreciate your tremendous commitment to providing women and their families with important menopause healthcare information and support. Here’s to another successful year! Please be sure to view the complete online list of our programs to find a location near you.

Good Health to You,

Karen Giblin
Founder and President
Red Hot Mamas