Dear Red Hot Mamas

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: August 9, 2011

Last week, I had an appointment with my doctor. Unfortunately, I found myself sitting in the waiting room for an inordinate amount of time (45 minutes). I anxiously sat there waiting for my name to be called and wondered why he was running so late. Secretly, I wondered if anyone else in the room felt as ticked as I was about the length of time we had to wait for this doctor. I felt rather neglected and inconvenienced by this long wait. I’ve always been respectful and have showed up on time for any doctor’s visit I’ve scheduled. And, I know in the field of medicine, that it’s not always possible for doctors to see patients with robotic precision. However, I was disappointed when I finally saw my doctor and he did not even apologize for the long wait or give me an explanation as to why I was kept waiting. One lesson I’ve learned from this is that it’s important to speak up when you are upset about waiting so long. If I had done so, perhaps, I could have gotten a grasp as to why I had to wait so long. Instead, I left in a huff and felt very frustrated.

Ann, a friend of mine loved her cardiologist. However, it wasn’t unusual for Ann to have to wait for over an hour to see him. One day, while sitting in an examining room which was located next door to his office, Ann heard a banging noise. She had been sitting there reading magazines. Suddenly she had the urge to see why the noises were occurring. Ann went directly to his office door and opened it. Much to her surprise, she observed him hanging pictures. Needless, to say, she went on to find a new cardiologist who now seems be respectful of her time.

I’m fairly certain Ann’s case was one of a kind. However, if you find yourself waiting endlessly for a doctor, perhaps it’s best to find a new doctor who will not keep you waiting.

I’ll do anything now to avoid lengthy waits. Some of the things I opt to do is schedule my appointments early in the day and call ahead to see if the doctor is running on time. I will continue to show up on time, and only go to doctors who will be respectful of my time. And, I’ll not forget to bring along a good book or stationary to catch up on those letters I’ve been meaning to write.

This month, we want to give special to recognition to our Red Hot Mamas program at Women’s Hospital in Greensboro, NC. This year, they will be entering into their TENTH year of providing RHM menopause education and support in their community! We are extremely proud of our partnership with them and grateful for their commitment to the women in their area. We look forward to continuing our long-standing, successful relationship for years to come.

Good Health to You,

Karen Giblin
Founder and President
Red Hot Mamas