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By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: September 16, 2011

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Over the last decade our country has sustained difficult times. The emotional events of 9/11 are forever chiseled into our memories. We will always remember the victims, survivors and the many that rose in service in response to the 9/11 tragedy. We honor those who continue to live in grief. It is emotional, haunting and surreal, but we must never let it scar our national psyche. Instead, we need to take 9/11 back and let it become a catalyst for positive action throughout our nation. The events and memories will live with us forever, but we can turn our grief and anguish into a positive, united force. We encourage you to explore the many different ways to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on

September is a month for uniting forces and increasing awareness. It’s a time to get motivated and launch a plan for positive action- both nationally and personally; physically and emotionally. It’s a time to think about what’s ahead and put a positive spin on life. September is also Menopause Awareness Month– so roll out the red carpet! Just what does that mean anyway? It happens to be a month long event which has been designated by United States legislators to increase awareness about the importance of having accurate information to enhance women’s health at menopause and beyond.

As you know, Red Hot Mamas is in the business of spreading the word about the importance of educating yourself at menopause. Many of us have been barraged by the never-ending array of conflicting medical advice. So, it’s very important to have resources available that can offer the tools to lead a healthier life at menopause and beyond. Our programs, and other educational channels, cover vital topics that help women make the right decisions about their health.

In addition, I fully support the educational endeavors of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) of which I have been a long-time member. I wish to express my sincere appreciation to them for their never-wavering support of providing accurate and up to date information about the medical science of menopause. I’ve always been inspired and rejuvenated after attending their annual meetings and/or receiving information from them on a regular basis. If you have not logged onto their website, I suggest you do at And, take a look at our other suggested menopause resources in this month’s article Menopause Resources at Your Fingertips.

It’s hard to believe, that 20 years have passed by so quickly. Yes, 20 years ago, I underwent an emergency hysterectomy with the removal of my ovaries (oophorectomy). That is when I first experienced menopause and a whirlwind of physical and emotional changes. In 1991, and being newly menopausal, I was not armed with the knowledge I needed to deal with my symptoms. I felt totally confused, isolated and I had great fears, as I did not know what was happening. Luckily, I was Selectman in Ridgefield, CT at the time and many women called me asking questions about menopause. Each of these women were experiencing it uniquely. Well, that was the thrust behind Red Hot Mamas Menopause Education Programs. I wanted to break the taboos about talking about menopause, end the ignorance around the subject of menopause, and provide information and support to all women going through the process.

Since that time, Red Hot Mamas has become the nation’s leading menopause education and support program and a credible resource for menopause. We’ve helped millions of women acquire information; we’ve partnered with over 200 hospitals to offer our free educational programs, we’ve conducted research in the area of menopausal health, we’ve been interviewed by radio/tv show hosts, newspapers and magazines. With a maintained sense of urgency, Red Hot Mamas will continue, not only in the month of September, but in the years ahead, to commit ourselves to providing valuable health information to you, so that you can have a greater understanding of menopause and navigate through the process in a healthier way.

Red Hot Mamas is launching a “Flashes of Recognition” section on our website. The purpose of this section is to gather your experiences with menopause. We hope that you will participate, along with other women across the world, and give us your personal reflections about menopause. Nothing will be left unexplored. You can lend some humor if you care and provide us with information. Most importantly, we truly value your honesty and candidness in responding to the questions posed. We’ll be asking a variety of questions on a periodic basis. And, here’s where we begin. Our first question is – How did your relationship(s) change while experiencing menopause?

Please email your response to Unless specified, all submissions will be kept private and confidential. We’re looking forward to hearing your story! And we thank you for allowing us to get a global perspective about menopause.

This month, we would like to thank Mercy Health Partners (Knoxville, TN) and Union Hospital (Elkton, MD) for renewing their Red Hot Mamas Programs. Your commitment to midlife education and support in your community is greatly appreciated! Find a Red Hot Mamas program in your area, browse the locations below for the participating program contact information. If you don’t find a site in your area, learn more about starting your own chapter.

Good Health to You,

Karen Giblin
Founder and President
Red Hot Mamas