Dear Red Hot Mamas

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: March 14, 2012

Aging Baby Boomers

As more and more of us baby boomers age, we are faced with the challenge of helping our elderly parents and other loved ones. Our hope is to keep them healthy, mobile, and able to enjoy their lives in years to come. I know this can be a difficult task as many individuals living to the ripe age of 70 even have trouble dealing with their self-care activities because of their existing health conditions.

It’s important to encourage your elderly loved ones to stay as physically active as possible. This may provide them some relief from their symptoms of arthritis and improve bone health. And, it may even increase their energy as well as their mental outlook.

I tried to do all of this for my dear mother, who recently passed away on February 5th. She struggled in her later years of life with Rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, but in the end, it was septicemia due to a urinary tract infection that rapidly took her life.

Many of you probably have lost loved ones and know the avalanche of emotions that occur after they are gone. That is what I am currently experiencing – the challenging emotions of grief.

I bring this to light to stress the importance of giving to the living. Warmth, affection, a hug, even a handshake makes us all feel good inside. Consider this time as an opportunity to reach out to help others. I know during these difficult times, when I am experiencing such feelings of loss and emptiness because of losing my dear mother, what cheers me up the most, is to help others who are in greater need. I’ve learned that happiness comes from giving, not taking, and that always seems to be the elixir to make me feel alive.

In other news – boy does time fly! This month, our Red Hot Mamas program at High Point Regional Health System is entering another year of offering free menopause education and support in their community. We’re proud to say the program at High Point is our longest standing licensed Red Hot Mamas to date! Twelve years going and still HOT! We are extremely appreciative of their commitment to midlife education and congratulate them on their leadership in this arena.

Good Health to You!

Karen Giblin
Founder and President
Red Hot Mamas