Denver Learns What's So Funny About Menopause

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: August 18, 2010

altOn Tuesday, September 14, we were thrilled to be a part of the What’s So Funny About Menopause Red Hot Mamas co-ed event hosted by our program site at Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver, CO. Over 80 women and over 40 men attended the event that focused on the humorous side of menopause, along with important health information about midlife concerns.

At registration, the attendees (even some of the men!) were christened with red feather boas and enjoyed a light supper to start off the evening. The men gathered in their own private meeting space for a seminar on Proven Tips for Endurance and Peak Performance. Men discussed the changes in their health that occur over a lifetime, with information on prostate health, testosterone levels, and proven strategies for maintaining vibrant health.

The women’s program began with a brief visit by comedian Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald who reminded us all why it’s beneficial to keep your sense of humor during this life change. Dr. Fitzgerald, who is also a veterinarian, offered some comedy about what he experiences in his daily work with aging animals that really aren’t so different than human life happenings. Great comic relief! Our very own, Karen Giblin, then took the podium to present her talk and share her personal story of hysterectomy, menopause and midlife. Karen imparted her humor and revealed her optimistic take on menopause, along with helpful tips on how to ease the transition. The attendees asked lots of questions and seemed to enjoy the camaraderie of shared life experiences.

Thank you to Dave Trudell, Pippa Lakeman and the rest of the team at Porter Adventist Hospital for hosting such a fantastic, FREE event for your community! The attendees need the invaluable health information and appreciate your site for making it available. For more health education opportunities in the Denver area, log onto Porter Adventist’s website. Become part of events like these and take strides in learning more about your health at a Red Hot Mamas program in your area.

Red Hot Papas

Red Hot Mamas at Porter Adventist, Denver, Colorado