Father's Day Gifts to Encourage Health

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: June 13, 2012

Father’s Day is right around the corner. It’s estimated there are 70.1 million fathers across the nation. It’s when we get to tell our dad how much he means to us and how lucky we are to have him in our life. This year, don’t wait until Sunday morning and buy him a horrible tie he’ll never wear or itchy socks that never make it out of the drawer. Instead, consider giving him something that might make him feel better, either physically or mentally.

Gifts to Encourage Physical Activity

Whatever his level of fitness is, you can always find a fitness gift for Dad. If he enjoys regular exercise, give him something related to his favorite activity; a new tennis racket, a new golf club, a basketball hoop. If he’s not the sporty type, consider a gadget that may help him become more active; an MP3 player, a Thai Chi video, a book or journal to track his walks.

Make a Delicious Dinner
Why not pull out some lawn chairs and fire up the grill to celebrate Father’s Day? Think simple- grilled fish, whole wheat pasta salad, frozen yogurt. Is Dad more of a thick, juicy burger guy? Combine turkey and ground round for a leaner, less fatty burger. Opt for blue cheese or feta and get almost 20% of your daily calcium needs.

Get Him to Relax
Dads rarely take time out of their day for themselves to relax. Treat Dad to a massage and force him to have some fun and take time off. Hang a hammock in the backyard and throw in a good book for him to read while he relaxes. Kidnap him for the day and bring him to do something he loves- fishing, hiking, golfing, etc.

Spend Time Together
Buy him some tickets to a special event and take care of all the details like driving and parking. What about a baseball game or a concert? Or, something simpler- a walk around the park or a drive to the mountains. The gift of time can be so much more meaningful than the usual, boring Father’s Day gifts.

Whatever you decide to get Dad for Father’s Day this year, remember it’s not about the gift. It’s more about the chance to express your love and respect. Sometimes, a heart felt note is just the right ticket for expressing your love for Dad.

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