Keeping Cool During Red Hot Menopausal Moments

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: July 13, 2010

Earlier this year we introduced the Red Hot Flashbacks Contest and asked women to share their funny, unforgettable and frustrating stories to illustrate how they’ve faced menopause head on with grace and humor. Hundreds of vibrant women from across the country shared their stories. Our grand prize winner received a personalized menopause makeover at Bliss Spa as well as advice from celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang to help manage her Red Hot moments. The judges, including our very own Karen Giblin, reviewed the entries and we have our winner!

Donna Sherry Boggins, Temecula, California

Donna’s Red Hot Menopause Story:

My, oh My! I’ve really made it! A presentation with one of the “biggies” in my industry. My concepts were sensational. My work was exceptional. I was prepared- I even bought 3 high powered suits. After all, my clients were twenty years my junior and I had to look and feel young, at least my best version!

Wardrobe bag in hand, I settled into my airline seat destined for Boston. Then it happened. I began to sweat from the top of my head down to my perfectly polished toes. My red power suit became a wet suit! My young, bright clients!

I headed for the head, garment bag in hand. I mopped up the puddles, changed from # 1 Red to #2 Blue. Back to my seat. Passenger nods acknowledged my change of attire and I joined in their conspicuous chuckling. What else was I to do?

A cold juice, a bag of pretzels, then, it happened AGAIN. Drip, drip, disaster. Back to the head with #3 Black. This time, my fellow passengers, noticing my distress, cheered my new look. Obviously, I had taken the “Runway” to the sky!

Finally, on firm ground, soggy suits in tow, I made my way into the cold morning air where no bead of sweat could possibly exist! After this, was I prepared for adversity? Was I ever! Just turned up the air conditioning! Got the contract! No sweat!

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