Red Hot Mamas: Menopause Information, Support and Wellness

Published: June 2, 2014

kgiblin4 Greetings! I’m Karen Giblin, founder of Red Hot Mamas®, author, speaker and the mother of two lovely daughters. I’ve dedicated my life to caring about the health concerns of women. I know how important it is to have essential health information to maintain optimal health throughout all of our lives.

Personally, my mother spoke to me about menstruation and childbirth, but she did not share her wisdom with me about menopause.

Many women have shared with me that they lacked information about menopause, and as a result, it left them feeling frightened and embarrassed by the symptoms associated with menopause and having feelings of anxiety.

I designed this website to help women, and their loved ones, to understand that menopause is a normal life transition and to encourage women not to view menopause negatively. Menopause can be a positive event and there is no reason why women can’t enjoy vibrant health during the menopause transition and through their postmenopausal years.

Red Hot Mamas® helps women to prepare and take charge of their journey through menopause by providing them with the latest information — the main facts about menopause; the effects menopause may have on the health of our body and minds; how to treat the effects through lifestyle strategies and options; and available prescribed and alternative treatments options.

Knowledge is power! Red Hot Mamas® provides a wealth of information from medical professionals to enable women to make informed decisions about their healthy.

We want women to take an active role in their healthcare and make the best decisions about their health through the menopause transition. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about menopause; our programs; services and special projects.

We want to be your menopause resource. Here’s what you can do:

In closing, the best advice I can leave you with, is to try to always to be able to say a few simple words…

“I understand.”

Good Health to You,

Karen Giblin