Night Sweats are Not Something You Should be Losing Your Sleep Over

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: October 17, 2012

Dry Babe Menopause Sleep Solutions

In my business, I hear it all the time. The changes to our bodies brought on by our dipping hormone levels are wreaking havoc on our health, our happiness our relationships and our sleep. Like so many of you, I am not one to take this lying down – so to speak.

Sleep – Who Needs It? Turns out we all do

A recent survey from the Better Sleep Council found that an increasing number of women feel that a good night’s sleep, like proper diet and exercise, is central to their overall health and well being. However, while they may understand this critical link, the poll also shows that women are failing to get the sleep they need.

Research shows that women are more sleep deprived than men, having greater difficulty falling and staying asleep and experiencing more daytime sleepiness. This most recent survey also found that some groups of women are experiencing more sleep loss than others. Regardless, women are united in their need to make sleep a priority to ensure optimal health and happiness.

Quick Facts from the Survey:

  • Sixty-eight percent (68%) of American women admit to sleeping less (and many much less) than recommended average of eight hours per night.
  • The top four factors that rob women of sleep:
    • Work- and/or family-related stress
    • Night Sweats
    • Ailments such as an allergy or cold
    • Uncomfortable mattress or pillow
  • One-third of women respondents feel that a balanced lifestyle requires a proper diet, regular exercise, and a good night’s sleep.

And so do we – which is the whole reason that Dry Babe came into being – those long sleepless nights I spent suffering from night sweats had to amount to something!

For a long time, I would wake up at least once during the night soaking wet. I had to get out of bed, towel off, change clothes and then try to get back to sleep. Does this sound familiar? Sometimes, hours later, there would be a repeat performance. Often, I would attempt to prod my husband to move over a bit to avoid sleeping in the “wet spot.” And the nights of interrupted sleep wore on and on.

At some point, I had the ingenious idea to sleep with a hand towel across my chest, between my skin and PJ’s. This worked wonders and I was now getting uninterrupted sleep. However, one July morning, I woke up before my husband. He looked so peaceful and handsome. I then looked down and noticed the hand towel bursting out from the top of my night gown. This look was anything but cute. I became incensed that there was no better solution – either sleep with a towel or wake up during the night wet? What kind of choice is that?

I got out of bed with a gleam if determination in my eye, fired up my lap top and got to work researching fabrics. I had already spent the last three years trying every lotion, potion and garment for night sweats. Since the best solution so far had been the towel, I decided that I needed to start with fabrics that absorb.

This was a good plan because absorbent fabrics tend to be made from cotton and other natural materials. I find polyester scratchy and uncomfortable and besides, it traps heat. I bought small quantities of all the different types of cotton and high cotton content blends and tested them one per night for absorbency, comfort and softness. After a while, I found the ultimate fabric that kept me dry and comfortable and tested it further by having a night gown made up in the fabric. It was important to me that the gown not only do its job (absorb moisture) but had to also be something that looked good on the body and felt good to the touch. No great granny looking night gowns need apply. Dry Babe Sleepwear for Menopause

I had high hopes and some trepidation when I wore the night gown for the first time. Will it do its job? Will it be comfortable? Will it allow me to sleep through the night? Turns out, the answer to all three questions is a big resounding YES! Eureka and hallelujah! Sleep salvation can be found in sleepwear after all.

Not wanting to keep this sleep solution to myself, I went on to create Dry Babe so that other women can find comfort and a peaceful night’s sleep.

For optimal health and happiness, women need to make sleep a priority. Dry Babe Absorbent Sleepwear for “Hot” Mamas helps to make Sleeping Beauties out of all of us.

Wendy Collett Dry BabeAbout the AuthorThe founder of Dry Babe® , Wendy Collett, is herself a night sweat sufferer. After months of interrupted sleep, she decided that there had to be a better way and set off on a mission to find a product that would absorb her nighttime perspiration.

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