Nix the Negativity About Aging

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: August 8, 2013

Are you the type of person who panics at every birthday that ends in a zero? I’ve always taken offense at that statement, “she’s on the wrong side of 50”. To me, growing older is a good thing.

As a teenager, I knew every word to the Beatles song, “When I’m Sixty-four”. Now, as more and more candles are placed on my birthday cake, I know sixty-four isn’t far away. So, will I hide my birth certificate, my AARP card, or even my high school yearbook? The answer is NO!!!

I once heard Willard Scott, a weatherman say, “The older the fiddle, the better the tune”. We tend to dwell in the aspects of getting old, rather than embracing the fabulous years to come.

I know there are many things that I will never experience again. And, there are quite a few that I’ll definitely not miss; like having my period (I’m so happy it’s long gone). And other things, like falling in love for the first time, getting my ears pierced, sacrificing my comfort for style (who gives a damn about wearing stilettos anyway?), cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner, trying to be a completive ice skater, and many more. However, all that nonsense is behind me.

There are many reasons to exalt the virtues of aging. I want to nix the negativity about aging and have a positive attitude about it. I’ll keep the twinkles in my wrinkles, the rock and roll in my soul, and look at age as an accomplishment. As I grow older I will remember what Dr. Seuss said, “You’re only old once”.