RHM and HerDesire.net Dedicated to Women’s Health Education

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: December 4, 2015

Red Hot Mamas and HerDesire.net  are both dedicated to the education of women on important health issues present during menopause.

HerDesire.net is a Continuing Medical Education-certified initiative committed to alleviating symptoms of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) through education about screening, diagnosis, treatment and long-term management.

Sexual health is an integral component of women’s psychological and overall physical health. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, defined by “the absence or deficiency of sexual interest and/or desire, leading to significant distress and interpersonal difficulties,” significantly and negatively impacts women’s relationships and sense of well-being. With as many as 31% of women reporting difficulties associated with sexual desire, this prevalent condition, remains poorly understood, underdiagnosed and undertreated. HSDD should be treated as a significant medical issue rather than a social inconvenience.

The Educational Objectives of HerDesire.net are to:

  1. Define and differentiate between Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) and HSDD through careful use of screening questionnaires, assessment, and physical examination, to ensure proper diagnosis and successful non-medical and medical treatment outcomes
  2. Recognize the level of distress HSDD and sexual dysfunction have on each patient’s overall health and well-being
  3. Encourage each woman to engage in discussions of sexual health with her doctor, to determine “normal” sexual function and dysfunction for her
  4. Select appropriate treatment based on available FDA-approved treatment options, patient’s treatment goals, and the degree to which the patient wants sexual function restored
  5. Evaluate and proactively manage Adverse Effects (AEs) of HSDD medications and modalities to allay patient concerns about side effects and ensure therapeutic persistence

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