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MenoNote on The Nonhormone Therapy Position Statement

Nonhormone Treatments for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats Hot flashes and night sweats, also called vasomotor symptoms (VMS), are feelings of warmth that can be associated with flushing and sweating. They are very common during menopause, occurring in up to ...

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Building a Digital Community Around Menopause

Written by Ainsley Lawrence- Guest Contributor Menopause can be a particularly challenging time for many women. Yes, middle age and later life can offer so many rich and positive experiences. Nevertheless, menopause symptoms and the way they affect your day-to-day ...

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Unleash the Explorer: Say Yes to Solo Travel

Written by Sarah Kaminski- Guest Contributor Solo travel, especially if you’ve never done it before, sounds terrifying. When alone, people are not only scared for their safety. They also dread the awkwardness of having all eyes on them while trying ...

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