Responsum for Menopause Celebrates One Year of Educating and Connecting Thousands of Women on Their Menopause Journeys

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: June 13, 2023

We know menopause affects every aspect of life; no woman should feel alone and invisible through this journey. In fact, an estimated one billion (with a capital B) women worldwide will enter menopause by 2035! We understand that conversations about menopause are changing, and normalizing. Stigma and shame are being replaced with sexier, funnier, safer, and more intimate talks about menopause, women’s health, and wellness. The conversations are happening around the globe—in real life, and in digital community spaces where women share personal experiences, receive information they can trust, and be supported and celebrated in this new life chapter.

Responsum partnered with Red Hot Mamas because we’re both committed to helping women live their best lives throughout their menopause journey, regardless of their age. Responsum for Menopause is a FREE, downloadable app that empowers, educates, and supports women in all stages of menopause. We provide our community members with:

  • A personally-customized Newsfeed of resources and articles on menopause basics, symptoms, treatment options, and lifestyle hacks,
  • A moderated Community Chat, for connecting and sharing with other women on the menopause journey, and
  • A Patient One-Sheet for easy consolidation and management of your medical information.

Launched in 2022, Responsum for Menopause was developed in partnership with the Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL), along with an expert advisory council composed of women with lived experience of menopause and leaders from the menopause medical and advocacy communities. The Responsum for Menopause app is a digital home for menopausal women, their partners, advocates, and healthcare professionals. Make our community YOUR community today!

Or download the mobile app today!