Safeguard Your Looks…Know What and When to Toss Out of Your Makeup Bag

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: September 16, 2014

I know many of us want to get every penny out of our precious dollars. We may hold onto our makeup products that we have splurged on, far longer than we should. However, this may not be the smart thing to do.

Many of the products we have in our makeup bags, or in our bathroom closets may simply stop performing.
And, even worse, they may cause infections.

So, just how long do your favorite makeup products last?

Red Hot Mamas® suggests that you look at all those products that you may have stashed in your bathroom and have forgotten about, or you may even be carrying them with you in your makeup bag.

Let’s look at them and learn when you need to throw them away before they make you sick. And, remember the US doesn’t have any laws that require cosmetic manufacturer to include expiration dates on their packaging, so you personally need to have the knowledge and keep track of how long you have had these beauty products and know when it’s time to throw them away.

So, let’s take a look at some of these beauty products and their life spans.

Mascara – Average life span is 2-3 months. To If it smells funky or feels clumpy toss it out. Lingering bacteria can cause redness, itchiness and even conjunctivitis and even sties. If you develop any symptoms, throw it out, as it may be contaminated.

Liquid foundation – Average life span is 6-12 months. Toss it if it has a distinct odor or becomes clumpy and separates into layers. It could cause irritation or breakouts if it has spoiled. It’s best to store it out of sunlight and UV rays will spoil it faster.

Concealer –Average life span is 6-12 months. Toss it if color has changed or it appears oily, if it cracks, or smells rancid. Buy a new one.

Lipstick – Average life span is 8 months to 1 year. Toss it if it becomes dry, or sticky. Throw it away, if you have used it while having a cold sore or another infection. Never test out a new shade at a department store without having the salesperson disinfect the lipstick first and apply it with a disposable applicator.

Powder eye shadow & powder blush – Average life span is 1-2 years. Toss it when the powders become dry and flaky. And, if you use your fingers to apply, always wash your hands before doing so.

Eyeliner – Average life span is about 3 months for liquid liner and pencils last a bit longer because you can sharpen them regularly. They should be replaced regularly as they are constantly being applied to the eyes sensitive areas and can easily become contaminated

Makeup Brushes –Natural hair brushes can last a lifetime if you clean them on a regular basis with a cosmetic sanitizer/brush shampoo. You can also wash them out each week with gentle soap and water.  This will help prevent bacteria growth.

Nail Polish – Average life span is 1-2 years. Toss it when it becomes goopy or separates. You can increase the longevity by using a nail polish thinner to your polish

Perfumes & Colognes – Average life span is up to 8 years. Toss it when it starts smelling different. To make them last longer, store them in a cool, dark place.

In closing, using old makeup isn’t a smart thing to do, and yikes, It can be dangerous to your health.