The Search for the Best Menopause Story Continues

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: June 2, 2010

What a way to bring in the New Year!! On January 23rd, 2007 the Red Hot Mamas launched the Red Hot Flashbacks Contest in search of real-life stories about women and menopause. The winner of this contest will win a trip for two to NY and a fabulous makeover from a celebrity stylist. And, there will be more than one winner. Six other prizes will be awarded in local markets for women, just like you, who have stories to share, around the USA. Our team at Red Hot Mamas would like to encourage you to share any and all those funny, unforgettable and frustrating menopausal stories with us.

Laughter heals and helps many women through menopause. Many women going through the menopause transition have made humor their second language. It obviously has become a “hot topic” to talk about and laugh about. Baby boomers, the women born within 1946-1964 have approached midlife and they have brought menopause out of the closet by becoming far more vocal than women in previous generations.

So, we ask you to share your stories of anything and all – from sagging body parts , emotional roller coaster feelings, crying reading the telephone book, hot flashes, memory loss, and any other outrageous aspects that have occurred during the menopause transition.

There are no more “private summers” or calling it “the change” as our mothers did. Four thousand women per day are entering menopause in the USA. What an effect their power surges (hot flashes) will have on global warming!

By virtue of these women hitting menopause, in such huge numbers, it is so very important for them to acquire accurate information and openly discuss their experience with healthcare providers, friends and family. Attitudes change as knowledge is acquired and we should keep our perspective about menopause light and incorporate laughter as part of our treatment plan and enjoy living!!

For this reason, the Red Hot Flashbacks Contest was created. Have fun and laugh along with us. As you grow older and pass through the menopause transition, staying healthy with a large dose of a sense of humor is a valuable message. We encourage you to learn more about Red Hot Flashbacks and submit your story today!

You don’t have to purchase anything or pay a fee to enter the contest. The winning entrant gets a trip for two to New York City for a Menopause Makeover by a celebrity stylist. Six runners up win a makeover at a luxury spa of their choice. The contest is open for a limited time only so send us your Red Hot Story NOW!!