Seeding A Sense Of Humor At Menopause

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: May 26, 2010

Proverbs: 17:22, in God’s words: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Why is laughter so important?

Each time you laugh, your brain secretes chemicals that act as antidepressants. It boosts your immune system; increases T- cells which helps to combat infection; benefits the nervous and endocrine system; helps prevent future illnesses; reduces stress levels; relaxes tense muscles; lowers high blood pressure; enhances healing; makes pain less intense; benefits heart and lungs by increasing oxygen; promotes a positive outlook enhancing self-esteem; it burns calories and if you laugh just one hundred times – it’s equal to riding an exercise bike for 15 minutes – what a great workout a hearty laugh can be!

Adults laugh 15 times per day, while children laugh about 400 times per day. Laughter is good tonic, good medicine and has a profound effect on our health and we should drink it everyday.

Lighten up, smile and laugh. Laughter is a wonderful ally and is very good for your health. It should be recommended by the FDA because of its benefits for our physical and emotional health.

Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Baby boomers, the women born in 1946-1964, have approached midlife and they have brought menopause out of the closet by becoming far more vocal than women in previous generations. There are no more “private summers” or calling it “the change” as our mother’s did. Women are demanding lots of information about menopause and are openly discussing it with friends and their physicians. 4,000 women per day are entering menopause in the USA. What an effect their power surges (hot flashes) will have on global warming!

Many women feel menopause is a very liberating experience, no worries about unwanted pregnancies, menstrual periods and cramps. For others, they are plagued by fallacies that have been associated with menopause. Epictetus said “We are not troubled by things, but by the opinions which we have of things.” Negative messages about menopause are still around which may have a direct affect on our behavior, as well as our emotional and physical health. That is why it is important for women to acquire accurate information and openly discuss menopause with their healthcare providers and their husband or partner and certainly debunk the myths and fallacies that surround menopause. Attitudes do change as knowledge is acquired and we should keep our perspective about menopause light, incorporating laughter as part of our treatment plan and enjoy living!! And remember, the older the fiddle, the better the tune. As you grow older, passing through the menopause transition, stay healthy with a sense of humor. Laughter heals and helps.